A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe (German SE vs Danish VHS)

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A Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe (German SE vs Danish VHS)

Postby Samuel_Scott » 05 Nov 2015 14:13

Courtesy of Hans-Jørn Reimer.

German Paramount SE DVD vs Danish VHS from WM Video

The story goes that this movie had some of it's reels stolen before editing and it's therefore based mostly on alternate takes... not only does the danish video release contain an alternate take (of an alternate take), but it also contains scenes and extended scenes not to be found in the German Special Edition-version!
German release is missing (indication of time is based on the film without the Paramount intro!!);

Missing take @00:08:09; Tom (Mario Valgoi) falling over and hitting the table after been shot by arrows

Shortened scene @00:36:59; Lucy (Miou-Miou) starts singing a hymn at the brothel, but is interrupted by the whorehouse-owner... Danish release has Lucy singing while Joe Thanks (Terence Hill) walks around collecting money from the visitors at the whorehouse; you know, like a church collect... This scene is ~1'31 minutes longer in Danish video release!

Missing frame/-s @00:50:41; German release states that this release contains 9 minutes of 'reconstructed scenes' and I don't know if this is one those scenes which has been reinstated, but there's missing a frame or two when Steamengine Bill (Robert Charlebois)'s bullet hits the first villain in the head.

Missing take @00:55:20; When Lucy is dressing Steamengine Bill up to look like Colonel Pembroke, there's a take missing of Jelly Roll (Piero Vida) walking around a table before sitting down on a chair next to Joe.

Shortened take @01:36:38; When Steamengine Bill sends off the posse of soldiers to catch Joe, who've just kidnapped Major Cabot (Patrick McGoohan), Danish release has an extended take of Steamengine Bill getting hit by a white wall of sand, whirled up by the horses hoofs.

Alternate take @01:51:06; The sequence in which Joe divides the money stolen from the army, there's a close-up scene of Lucy's face while she's looking at the 3 bundles of money:
In the German version she looks down smiling at the money and then at Joe with an even bigger smile, while the shot in the Danish version is taken from a different angle and Lucy's is looking more sad (like 'our adventure is over and now we have to part').

Missing scene @01:55:18; When Lucy & Steamengine Bill leaves with the indians, German DVD cut to black screen with credits rolling... Danish video cuts to an eagle flying under a blue sky... The cuts to Lucy & Steamengine Bill riding away among the indians... Steamengine Bill stops and shouts to Joe; 'What about the horse? How did you figure that one out?' and the the camera tracks back showing Joe sitting by a tree for taking a nap... then freeze-frame with credits rolling on top of it...
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