Seven AKA Se7en (audio differences)

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Seven AKA Se7en (audio differences)

Postby Samuel_Scott » 30 Dec 2015 21:24

Rewind user Ramon has alerted us to several differences in dialogue during one scene of this film.

He tells us that at the 17 minute (PAL) mark in the Swedish VHS released by Sandrew, in the scene before Mills enters Greed scene and some detectives/cops stand on the side while Mills is walking past them, one can hear them talking about Mills and that this is not present on the US Blu-ray release he owns. The following dialogue can be heard on the Swedish VHS: "Look, there he is. Thats...thats the guy, s**t! It looks like we wont be eating dinner again. Look at this kid, hot shot!".

We have looked at a couple of other releases and also noticed some minor differences which appear to be based on intentional alterations rather than the set-up of equipment.

On the American Blu-ray release, the dialogue is not at as clear as on the UK DVD, but at one point there is completely different dialogue. On the DVD one detective moans "It looks like we won't be eating dinner again" when Brad Pitt's character walks by, yet on the Blu-ray you can hear "It looks like him" at that place.

The other difference is that on the UK DVD, police radio chatter isn't very clear, but on the US Blu-ray it is. With that comes some slight difference in subtitling too - DVD has detectives dialogue subtitled whilst the Blu-ray has police radio subtitled ( and also the one line "It looks like him").

Thanks to Ramon and Ain Uussaar for their work on these details.
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