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Quantum Leap (series) BLURAY FAO Staff

Postby Ewan_McMahon » 07 Apr 2019 17:00

There are a supposedly a few issues concerning Quantum Leap TV Series on BluRay (UK BluRay being the only current listing on site though) - though my information comes from outside sources, I don't have a copy myself to confirm unfortunatly.

It might be worth making a note on the Quantum Leap pages about the following things:

On blu-ray.com website, on the forum thread about quantum leap:
There is mention that season 5 of Quantum Leap (on both UK + USA BluRay) suffers from some sort of issue concerning opening titles synch error which first appeared on the HD masters.

Also, the scenes near the end of most Quantum Leap episodes have a "teaser-like-sequence" showing a brief scene of the main character Sam "leaping into a new location" (which is usually the main focus of the following episode), then the end credits of the episode show. Due to production changes etc, when originally broadcast the "teaser-like-sequence" of some of the episodes in seasons 2+3 did not originally tie in to the corresponding following episode - as such when watching the episodes in order, the "teaser-like-sequence" and the following episode in order might not match or make sense (though regardless to this, I think every episode currently listed appears in the original release order).
For the BluRay boxset release, some of these affected episodes have been re-edited from their original release broadcast versions. NOTE: These are not "cuts" per-say - the "teaser-like-sequence" of some episodes have been moved to other relevant episodes to better fit the ending-to-beginning episode progression throughout the series. So ultimately I think all the original episodes content still exists, just in a different (more logical) edited order.


However, the individual episode "Trilogy" part 3, might be missing some content (this is also discussed on blu-ray.com website forum link mentioned above).
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Re: Quantum Leap (series) BLURAY

Postby James-Masaki_Ryan » 17 Nov 2019 22:33

Can somebody please look into what to do with this? It's been stuck at the bottom for a while
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Re: Quantum Leap (series) BLURAY FAO Staff

Postby Christian_Bütikofer » 28 Jan 2021 17:41

I only have the US Blu-rays from Mill Creek. Should I do these my next listing project? I don't know how fast I can list it and check for the mentioned errors though - if there are some specific things to check, let me know. As far as I know there are also two releases from Koch Media in Germany.
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Re: Quantum Leap (series) BLURAY FAO Staff

Postby Christian_Bütikofer » 11 Feb 2021 17:27

I posted the US release with some remarks about the different introductions. I don't know if it's significant tough.
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