Not Tonight Darling (1971) - query on SHE UK DVD

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Not Tonight Darling (1971) - query on SHE UK DVD

Postby Tim_Rogerson » 24 Jan 2020 11:02

These are the BBFC cuts for this movie for the X rating in 1971:

Classified ‘X’ for theatrical release in 1971 after the following cuts

Reel 3 - Reduce the love-making scene between Karen and Alex, especially removing close shots of him cupping, fondling and kissing her breast or breasts.

Reel 4 - Reduce the orgy scene, especially removing shots of George wearing only trousers bending over tattooed girl on couch and of her undoing his trousers and of the two making love.

Shorten the blue film in the strip club. It is sufficient to establish to John (who is watching the film) that his wife Karen was present during the orgy.

The BBFC website states that the version classified ‘18’ for DVD in 2014 - the Simply Home Entertainment DVD - was the cut theatrical print.

However, this movie has recently been screened on Talking Pictures (or Sony Classics) in what appears to be an uncut print. These channels typically repeat the UK DVD prints. The material in the R3 sex scene between Luan Peters - whom some of you may remember as the lady whose breasts were accidentally groped by Basil Fawlty when he was searching for a light switch - and Vincent Ball (about 40m in) and in the R4 orgy about 10-15m later was definitely intact. The blue film club scene was quite short but contained a couple of repeat shots from the orgy scene that may be the offending items referred to.

If anyone has the SHE DVD can they check out these scenes please.

Although it is a classic piece of early 1970s British cheese, I am not prepared to fork out good money to watch it again (or indeed the first time).
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