Blue Thunder (UK Blu-ray) Missing dialogue

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Blue Thunder (UK Blu-ray) Missing dialogue

Postby Mark_Meakin » 22 Apr 2020 15:11

I watched my Blu-ray version last night and noticed Cochrane's "Thank You!" after he ignores the stand down order, and pursues Murphy in an armed helicopter, is missing on the English soundtrack. It's still audible on the Italian dub (Grazie) & Spanish dub (Gracias) (Both unsubtitled). There is also a slight music change for a few seconds when Lymangood is fleeing on foot from his apartment, this occurs just before Anthony James character smashes into some rubbish bins with his car. I checked my S.E DVD & the dialogue is also present (Complete with subtitles) & I certainly remember it being in video & TV versions. Does anyone know if this applies to the other releases ?. It will certainly apply to the Italian & Spanish versions.
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Re: Blue Thunder (UK Blu-ray) Missing dialogue

Postby James_Morton » 19 Dec 2020 13:48

I have the German blu ray of Blue Thunder and although I can’t remember the scene it wouldn’t surprise me with certain
blu rays missing out or whatever dialogue like the dvds
Two examples come to mind are The Bird With The Crystal Plumage & The Stendhal Syndrome which have audio issues (both
Blue Underground) compared to dvds which are ok
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