The Country Girl [Imprint] [AUS] ADDED

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The Country Girl [Imprint] [AUS] ADDED

Postby Matt_Bailey » 05 Jan 2022 17:24

Title: The Country Girl
Country: Australia
Region: All
Releasing Studio: ViaVision (Imprint #97)
Case Type: Keep case with slipbox
Aspect Ratio: 1.34:1
Codec: AVC
Picture: 1080p
Soundtracks: Linear PCM 2.0 mono
Subtitles (are they optional?): Optional English (incorrectly labelled as HoH on the packaging)
Cuts: 104:08
Commentaries: Audio commentary by professor and film scholar Jason A. Ney
Extras: "Grace Kelly: The American Princess" documentary (58:35)
Theatrical trailer (2:42)
Photo gallery (4:20)
Source: Own it.
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Re: The Country Girl [Imprint] [AUS] ADDED

Postby Matthew_B_Harrah » 06 Jan 2022 04:09

Added, thank you.

P.S. please make sure to put the language in the audio for future comparisons. It's not always as clear cut as this title and some release (believe it, or not) sometimes don't even carry the original audio language.
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