R2 - United Kingdom - Signature Entertainment
Review written by and copyright: Rick Curzon (31st August 2021).
The Film

Ambition can be killer.
When an offer to record with one of the greatest music producers of all time comes along, singer Grey canít refuse but her new mentor isnít all that he first appears to be.
Moving cross country to record her new album in a remote location, Grey begins to realise thereís a beastly secret lurking within her new home. Will her own humanity be the price for fame and how much blood will be shed to secure a hit?


Signature Entertainment in the UK is releasing Amelia Moses 2020 werewolf epic set in the music world on DVD in the UK.

I presume that this is a digitally lensed production - there's no information on IMDB yet - and it looks pretty standard for this kind of genre product made in the 2020s. The colour palette is matter of fact, muted and naturalistic. Primaries are present but onlynoccasionally kick out and flesh tones are natural. Interiors are heavier and richer, exteriors more pale.

Black levels and contrast work well in concert for standard definition to create a well balanced image; little or no unintended crush and highlights are under control. This is after all a recent film so the transfer is flawless and straight off the digital original. Obviously, this would look much better in HD but this obviously not a film Signature felt warranted the extra expense lf a BD glass master.

Not the best the format has to offer but certainly far from the weakest either.

PAL / MPEG-2 / DVD5 / 2.39:1 / 81:21


English Dolby Digital 5.1
English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles: None

A solid, unremarkable track. Dialogue is always clear and crisp, the score never interferes and scoring and ambiance are the main beneficiaries of the surrounds. No subtitles, alas.


Startup Trailers:
- Werwolves Within (2:31)
- Willy's Wonderland (0:57)

Standard promos for other Signature Entertainment releases presented in 2.39:1 with Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo sound.


Standard, black DVD Keepcase.


A barebones standard def release is all we're going to get here in the UK and thankfully it's a solid rendering. Image and sound are solid for the format but there are extras worth mentioning. Recommended for the price.

The Film: B Video: B Audio: B- Extras: E Overall: C+


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