My Favorite Martian
R2 - United Kingdom - Disney
Review written by and copyright: Mathew Buck (2nd May 2004).
The Film

Do you have nostalgic memories of "Saturday Morning Kids Club"? Well this is perect for you. It is designed for those within the age group of 7-10.

Tim (Jeff Daniels) gets fired from work, thanks partly to his love, a bitchy female reporter (Elizabeth Hurley), who is daughter of the boss. Upon driving home, a spaceship crashes right next to where he is driving. The alien inside (Christopher Lloyd) sneaks into the car boot whilst Tim investigates. They drive home. Then they have a bunch of adventures. Joy.

The reason I'm not jumping for joy is that, for anyone over the age description above, it is dull and unfunny. Stuff like the martian developing a love of ice cream that borders on insane and have the most annoying talking thing in history (in this case, the martian's suit, called Zoot). The end of the movie seems forced, and considering this is Disney, some of the material seems out of place. The cast is mostly bored, especially Hurley, who knows this role way too much for her own good. However, Lloyd does play his role with enormous relish, and anyone who liked his version of Fester from The Addams Family will love his turn. A rent for the kids.


Presented in anamorphic 1.85:1, the film is very good looking with the bold Disney palette showing it's colours brightly, but without over-saturation. A score over R1, which has a non-anamorphic picture, like many of its earlier releases.


Three soundtracks, all in Dolby Digital, with English and German being presented in 5.1, and Hungarian in 2.0 Surround. Nothing to set your speaker alight, but does the job well.




The Film: D Video: A Audio: B Extras: F Overall: D


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