Memories of Underdevelopment AKA Memorias del 23/01/17
Yes Man (Blu-ray) 23/01/17
Banshee: Season 4 (TV) (Blu-ray) 23/01/17
Banshee: Season 3 (TV) (Blu-ray) 23/01/17
Banshee: Season 2 (TV) (Blu-ray) 23/01/17
Banshee: Season 1 (TV) (Blu-ray) 23/01/17
Boy, Did I Get a Wrong Number! (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
New Centurions (The) AKA Precinct 45: Los Ang 22/01/17
Sabotage (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Pool of London (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Voices of a Distant Star AKA Hoshi no koe (sh 21/01/17
Place Promised in Our Early Days (The) AKA Ku 21/01/17
Who? AKA The Man with the Steel Mask AKA Robo 21/01/17
She Beast (The) AKA Revenge of the Blood Beas 21/01/17
Inferno (Blu-ray) 21/01/17
Inferno (Blu-ray 4K) 21/01/17
Man Between (The) (Blu-ray) 21/01/17
Before Sunset (Blu-ray) 20/01/17
Before Sunrise (Blu-ray) 20/01/17
War of the Worlds 2: The Next Wave (Blu-ray) 19/01/17


Blush AKA Barash 23/01/17
Hurricane Smith 23/01/17
Sidekicks (TV) 23/01/17
Bundle of Joy 23/01/17
Late Show (The) 23/01/17
Man From Galveston 23/01/17
Baby (TV) 23/01/17
Three Comrades 23/01/17
Gold Is Where You Find It 23/01/17
Lizzie 23/01/17
My Foolish Heart 23/01/17
Thirteen Women 23/01/17
Strange Love of Molly Louvain (The) 23/01/17
Letter (The) 23/01/17
Plymouth Adventure 23/01/17
From Headquarters 23/01/17
Cry Havoc 23/01/17
Desperate Search 23/01/17
Death of a Scoundrel AKA Diary of a Scoundrel 23/01/17
Bedevilled 23/01/17
Background to Danger 23/01/17
Heat Lightning 23/01/17
Black Fury 23/01/17
Swan (The) 23/01/17
Payment on Demand 23/01/17
Saint Joan 23/01/17
Two Smart People 23/01/17
Cry in the Night (A) 23/01/17
John Legend: Evolver 23/01/17
John Legend: Get Lifted 23/01/17


We Are Still Here (Blu-ray) 24/01/17
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children ( 23/01/17
Magnificent Seven (The) (Blu-ray) 23/01/17
Magnificent Seven (The) (Blu-ray 4K) 23/01/17
Outpost 37 AKA Alien Outpost (Blu-ray) 23/01/17
Francofonia (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Ghosts of Mars (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Driller Killer (The) (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Braveheart (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Alexander (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Vampires AKA John Carpenter's Vampires (Blu-r 22/01/17
Battleground (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Outsiders (The) (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Blu-ray) 22/01/17
Summer Wars AKA Samā wōzu (Blu-ray) 21/01/17
Bridge Too Far (A) (Blu-ray) 21/01/17
Storks (Blu-ray) 21/01/17
Warcraft (Blu-ray) 21/01/17
Bad Day at Black Rock (Blu-ray) 21/01/17
Hellraiser: Bloodline (Blu-ray) 21/01/17


Valmont 23/01/17
Defector (The) AKA L'espion 23/01/17
Daddy's Gone A-Hunting 23/01/17
Convicts 4 AKA Convicts Four AKA Reprieve 23/01/17
Safe in Hell 23/01/17
Secret Six (The) AKA The Secret 6 23/01/17
Don't Gamble with Strangers 23/01/17
Hot News 23/01/17
Home Before Dark 23/01/17
It's a Small World 23/01/17
Libel 23/01/17
None But the Lonely Heart 23/01/17
Park Row 23/01/17
Reckless 23/01/17
Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond (The) 23/01/17
Stolen Life (A) 23/01/17
Wrestling Ernest Hemingway 23/01/17
That Hagen Girl 23/01/17
Tomorrow Is Forever 23/01/17
Two Weeks in Another Town 23/01/17
Hitchcock 23/01/17
Emmanuelle Forever AKA Eternelle Emmanuelle ( 23/01/17
Red Nights of the Gestapo AKA Le lunghe notti 23/01/17
House of Lost Souls AKA La Casa delle anime e 23/01/17
Metal Skin AKA Speed 23/01/17
Tall Target (The) 22/01/17
Freebie and the Bean 22/01/17
Mugger (The) 22/01/17
Intruder in the Dust 22/01/17
Black Market Babies 22/01/17



Thursday 19th January 2017 - posted by Samuel

We have added the trailer for City of Tiny Lights to our YouTube channel. You can view the trailer HERE. Don't forget to subscribe!


Sunday 15th January 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Phantasm 1-5 (Well Go USA)
- Pulse (Mill Creek)
- They're Playing with Fire (Kino Lorber)

- House: Complete Collection (Arrow)
- Phantasm 1-5 (sphere packaging) (Arrow)
- The Return of Swamp Thing (Screenbound)

- Rob Zombie's 31 (steelbook) (Tiberius)

- Phantom of the Paradise (Carlotta)


Tuesday 10th January 2017 - posted by Samuel

We will be holding an interview with independent British distributor Powerhouse Films for our readers.

If you have any questions in particular you would like us to ask about past, present and future releases, then e-mail us at using the subject heading POWERHOUSE.

Questions must be submitted by the 15th January to be considered!

If you need to recap on what they have released so far, simply search for Powerhouse Films by distributor using our search bar, where you will also find links to our reviews of their releases!

You can read previous user interviews we have conducted with Fabulous Films, 88 Films, Arrow, Second Run and more by selecting the Features tab at the top of the page.


Tuesday 3rd January 2017 - posted by Samuel

It's time to announce the winners of our 2016 Awards! Thanks to all those that voted (twice as many as 2015) and congratulations to all those who won, and those who have received an honourable mention. 2016 has been a great year for home entertainment. May 2017 also flourish!

Best Independent British Distributor - Winning for the second year on the trot is Arrow Films who have had a huge year, especially with all the fine box sets they have released in both their Video and Academy ranges. Honourable mentions go to 88 Films and Eureka.

Best Independent American Distributor - A close contest between three companies, but like the UK category, for the second year running, Shout Factory is victorious. Just behind them were Vinegar Syndrome and Criterion.

Best Rest of World Distributor - Finally, we come to a new king on the throne, with French company Carlotta just edging Australian outfit Umbrella Entertainment to the crown. Both of these companies have had huge years, with Umbrella in particular really stepping up their game on previous years.

Best Newcomer - To be brutally honest, this one wasn't even a competition with over 95% of the votes going to the latest company to come from the UK, Powerhouse Films. You only need to see our reviews of their titles to see why they are deserving of this annihilation of all in their path.

Best Major Studio - This was pretty evenly contested, but by a single vote, MGM wins this award despite no longer releasing their titles themselves. One of our voters said it the best; MGM should win for having the brains to license their titles to companies that will show them the love they deserve.

Best American Release - Another closely fought contest, though in this instance the two releases in the fight both came from Criterion. The eventual winner was One Eyed Jacks, just beating out Lone Wolf and Cub.

Best UK Release - This years winner was one of the most critically acclaimed releases ever, Dissent and Disruption: Alan Clarke at the BBC, from the ever reliable BFI. The only other release within touching distance was Donnie Darko from Arrow Films.

Best Rest of World Release - This is always a tough category, with so many champion releases available around the world, but the clear winner for 2016 was Night of the Living Dead from Umbrella Entertainment.

Best/Worst Retailer - For the second year running, Amazon takes the best retailer award, although in a strange coincidence, were only three votes from also winning the worst. However, Zavvi takes that honour.


Monday 26th December 2016 - posted by Samuel

If you have a spare couple of minutes, please fill out THIS SURVEY and let us know your favourite distributors, releases, and e-tailers of 2016. We will close the survey on the 1st of January, and let everyone know the responses in the days after. Thanks!


Monday 26th December 2016 - posted by Samuel

We are currently looking to expand our UK review team. Unfortunately, like all team members on Rewind, this is an unpaid and voluntary position, but you will get to watch DVDs and Blu-rays before they are released and get to keep 99% of what you receive to review. To apply, you must have a full home cinema set-up. Dolby Atmos and 3D capabilities are not essential, but would of course be a bonus! If this interests you, please e-mail some examples of your reviews and details of your set-up to


Sunday 25th December 2016 - posted by Samuel

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers and contributors a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2016 was a productive year at Rewind with some big milestones reached. 2017 looks like we show no sign of slowing down! Have a good one all and thanks for your continued support!


Sunday 18th December 2016 - posted by Samuel

Our coverage of the latest Tokyo International Film Festival thanks to Rewind team member James-Masaki Ryan has been compiled into a six-part feature article now available for your reading pleasure HERE


Monday 5th December 2016 - posted by Samuel

- The Alien Dead (limited to 1000) (Retromedia)
- John Wick (4K) (Lions Gate)
- Sherlock: Series 4 (BBC)

- The New Centurions (Powerhouse)
- Mildred Pierce (Criterion)
- Moana 3D (Disney)

- Flesh Eating Mothers (Alive)

- Alvarez Kelly (Sidonis)


Monday 5th December 2016 - posted by Samuel

Congratulations to Shaun Johnson from Herts, who is the winner of the Miami Vice: Complete Blu-ray Collection courtesy of our friends at Fabulous Films. If you didn't win, join us tomorrow, when a competition for The Incredible Hulk: Complete Blu-ray Collection goes live and we continue this Fabulous Christmas (ba-dum-tish)!


Saturday 3rd December 2016 - posted by Samuel

- Frank & Lola (Universal)
- Honky Holocaust (Troma)
- Life on the Line (Lions Gate)

- Massacre in Dinosaur Valley (88 Films)
- 2019: After the Fall of New York (88 Films)
- Cul-De-Sac (Criterion)

- Diva (Studio Canal)

- Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 4K (Paramount)


Saturday 3rd December 2016 - posted by Samuel

Congratulations to Keith Wolstenholme and Blake Washer who each win a Star Trek Mondo poster. The prize will be with you shortly lads!


Friday 2nd December 2016 - posted by Samuel

To celebrate the Blu-ray release of Miami Vice: The Complete Series, Fabulous Films have kindly provided us with a copy to give away.

The pulse and the rhythm of a glamorous resort is juxtaposed against the steamy haunts of the drug underworld in this groundbreaking action series now fully restored and in high definition on Blu-ray. Two cops from different backgrounds - street-smart New Yorker ‘Rico Tubbs’ (Philip Michael Thomas) and stubble-faced southerner ‘Sonny Crockett’ (Don Johnson) – team up to take on Miami’s underworld.

To be in with a chance of winning, just send your name, address and e-mail address to with the subject heading FABULOUS and your full name and postal address (no PO Boxes) BY 4 DECEMBER 2016.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The competition is only open to UK readers of DVDCompare ( staff and family are not eligible to enter). Only one entry will be accepted per household. If you enter multiple times, none of your entries will count and will be deleted. Your prize will be shipped direct. The competition will close on the date stated above. Any entries received after that date will not count. The winners will be drawn at random and notified by email after the closing date.


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