Rob & Big: Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored (TV)
R1 - America - Paramount Home Entertainment
Review written by and copyright: Rob Fields (28th December 2007).
The Show

I remember back when MTV debuted in the 1980's. What did MTV mean? Right! Music Television. What this meant was that they only played music videos : and that was it! But when it got close to the 1990's, they started playing "The Monkees" (1966-1968). When my best friend to this day, Brad, told me that MTV was starting to air shows and that the network would probably start airing more and more shows, I didn't argue. Unfortunately, he was right. Soon, MTV was playing less music videos and more shows. It wasn't long before their first reality shows would start airing. "The Real World" (1992-Current) is one of MTV's more well-known shows. It's basically about a group of older teens who live in a house and interact with each other. Then came "Road Rules" (1994-Current) where a group of about the same age group as "The Real World" would compete in teams to accomplish objectives and try to win their races. There have been other reality shows that have come and gone, including the well-know "Jackass" series (2000-2003). Now I'm given "Rob & Big: Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored" to review. As for MTV, they have since created another station called MTV 2, which started out playing only music videos. In time, shows have taken it over. This paved the way for another MTV channel called MTV Hits, which currently only plays music videos.
"Rob & Big: Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored" features the first two seasons in one package, in the first two seasons of this reality buddy comedy from MTV and Jeff Tremaine of "Jackass" fame, professional street skater Rob Dyrdek and his best friend and bodyguard, Christopher 'Big Black' Boykin, share a house in the Hollywood Hills, bouncing from one ridiculous moment to the next. Along with their mischievous little bulldog Meat Bag, a.k.a. 'Meaty' (who also has an opening credit), and their Mini Horse (who also gets an opening credit in Season 2), the unlikely crew make the world their playground and hit the streets on a constant quest for adventure and laughs. I have included the synopsis for each of the episodes in The Package section below.
What I liked about this series was the fact that Rob and Big Black are always there to look out for each other. There are times when it looks like there may be tension between the two, but it's only because they have each other's best interests at heart. One example is Rob trying to help Big lose weight. Also, race and color are not issues between the two of them or the people close to them. The only thing I didn't like throughout the series was the moments when people displayed their flatulence. Okay, I know on reality shows that people are probably encouraged to just be themselves, but come on. Other than that, the series held my interest.

This release includes all 16 season 1 and 2 episodes:

- "Moving In" (20:25) when you've got a hot new pad in the Hollywood Hills and you're having a party, you gotta do two things: invite some ladies and shave your friend's back. Only one of the valuable lessons to be learned from Season One of "Rob & Big". The boys fly out to visit Mom and Dad, outfit Meaty with his own board and Rob tries to get Big to slim down. Of course, he also makes Big sleep in a tent for a night and wakes him up by launching off a wall and landing on the tent.

- "Go Skate Day" (20:26) On National Skateboarding Day, Rob attempts to get both Big Black and the bulldog "Meaty" on a skateboard, with mixed results. Later, on the way to a Skate Demo in Orange County, the two get pulled over for "Ridin' Dirty."

- "Travel" (20:27) Rob and Big Black travel to Vancouver to be "immortalized in a video game." After a day of motion capture in tight-fitting spandex and a game of skateboard hockey with the locals, they continue on to Kettering, Ohio, to visit Rob's family. Fishing with Rob's dad, a quick jaunt to King's Island amusement park and shredding Rob's Skate Plaza are all stops on their whirlwind trip out of the Hollywood Hills.

- "Let's Get Physical" (20:21) Rob puts Big Black on a fitness program to help him lose some weight. They consult with a hypnotist and a nutritionist on their quest to make him a leaner, meaner, more finely tuned machine.

- "Happy Birthday" (20:26) All Rob wants for his birthday is for Big Black to win a Wing Eating Trophy at the local hot wings restaurant. Big Black plans Rob's birthday evening, but in the midst of the birthday preparation, Meaty suffers from a mysterious "body odor" issue that must be addressed.

- "Making The House a Home" (20:27) Rob and Big Black make some home improvements at their Hollywood Hills pad. Meaty temporarily derails their plans when he gets into the garbage and gets sick eating too many chicken wings.

- "Blind Date" (20:24) When a dog psychic tells Rob and Big Black that Meaty needs a woman in the house, the two visit a matchmaker to set up a blind double date. Unfortunately, the dates are not quite what the guys had in mind.

- "Do Work" (22:16) The Season 1 finale. After Rob has a nightmare about dating, Big Black decides to brush up on his security skills to ensure that Rob feels safe. Big Black practices evasive driving, works on his martial arts moves and even shows his combat maneuvers on the paintball field.

- "Meaty & Mini" (20:33) Life in the Rob and Big household changes dramatically when the guys discover that their bulldog, Meaty, needs a little buddy. After a little research, Rob finds the perfect companion for his favorite puppy: a Mini Horse. Owning miniature livestock turns out to be a little more than the guys bargained for, and drastic measures become necessary to accommodate the tiny horse.

- "Time Travel" (20:34) an airbrushed van leads Rob and Big Black on a quest to travel through time with Rob's "Hyper-Dimensional Resonator." Big Black is skeptical, but Rob convinces him to travel to Montreal to visit a "time travel expert" named Dr. Z. When they return to L.A., Big Black surprises Rob with his own throwback version of Time Travel.

- "Mississippi" (20:34) Rob is thrown deep into the "Dirty South" when Big Black invites him to Sylva Rena, Mississippi, for the Boykin family reunion. The boys overdose on southern cooking, southern living, and Big Black's crazy Uncle Jerry.

- "New Assistant" (20:35) Rob and Big Black call Drama out for being a lazy assistant and decide to put him on "waivers" until he shapes up. When Drama is seemingly unfazed by the threat, Rob brings in a professional executive assistant as a potential replacement. On top of that, the guys struggle with an "aggressive mini horse." In the end, Rob and Big Black figure out a way to remind both Drama and Mini Horse how good they all have it in the Hollywood Hills.

- "Black Lavender" (20:29) Big Black reveals to Rob that he used to be a male stripper with the stage name "Black Lavender" for a brief time back when he had a full head of hair. The two decide it's time to resurrect "Black Lavender" for one last show at a Hollywood strip club, but not before they find him a brand new head of hair.

- "Tampa" (20:34) After five years away from professional skate competitions, Rob decides to enter the world famous Tampa Pro contest in Tampa, Florida. Rob and Big Black hit gator country with pals Stephen Berra and Bam Margera, and before the contest begins, the foursome head out to Tampa Bay for a little high-flying water adventure. Rob and Berra shake on a $5,000 side bet to see who places higher in the Tampa Pro, and Rob threatens to "make it rain" with Berra's money if he wins.

- "Bobby Light" (20:34) Rob reinvents himself as Bobby Light, a self-proclaimed "one-hit-wonder R & B sensation." With the help of his cousin Drama and The Chunky Boys (Big Black and Bam), Rob hops into the makeshift recording studio in Big Black's closet and records a song called "Dirty Girl." Rob and Big Black decide to shoot a low-budget music video for their hot new song, but realize the video will not be complete until they fly Big Black's Uncle Jerry out to L.A. to take a starring role.

- "New Cars" (22:20) In the Season 2 finale, Rob and Big Black both add a new car to their growing collection of vehicles. In order to make room for the new rides, Rob plans to give away his old truck (the UAV) to the first skater who can beat him in a game of "S-K-8" and beat Big Black in a game of Roshambo (Rock, Paper, Scissors). Later, Rob is both shocked and bemused to find himself dubbed a "C-Lister" on the cover of The Wall Street Journal


The bottom of the cardboard cover says that the episodes are presented in Full screen format. However, both the episodes and the extras (except for two noted on Disc 4) are actually in non-anamorphic widescreen (1.78:1 ratio) format. If you have a 4x3 television, this may not be much of an issue. I say 'may not', because there are still people who can't stand the widescreen format (the bars on the top and bottom). But if you're like me and have a 16x9 HDTV, the non-anamorphic picture may be annoying (black all around the picture). It's for these reasons alone that I'm giving the video the grade that I've given it. Far from this, the picture itself looks excellent. I don't see any defects: grain, pixels or dirt. Even the scenes in the darkness have adequate lighting and are grain-free. You also get to see the episode logo at the ends and then beginnings of each segment, thus you know where the commercial breaks are. Since I have never seen this show (I don't have cable or satellite TV), I don't know what additional footage may have been added that could not be shown during MTV's network broadcasts. There is also some brief nudity for those of you who are paying attention.


Each episode is accompanied by two English Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo soundtracks (censored and uncensored). The audio tracks definitely don't lack in the sound department. These could easily be Dolby surround tracks. The only thing about listening to the censored audio tracks is that you get the bleeps as they were heard during the original MTV broadcasts. On the uncensored tracks, you get the four-letter words, including the f-bombs.

There are no subtitles available whatsoever.


Paramount has released this series with audio commentaries, deleted scenes, interviews, featurettes, tutorials and some bonus trailers. Below is a closer look at these supplements broken down per disc.


There are audio commentary tracks for all of the first five Season 1 episodes featuring stars Rob Dyrdek and Christopher 'Big Black' Boykin along with executive producers Jeff Tremaine and Ruben Fleischer. The commentary tracks don't contain as much general information as one would like. It's entertaining if you've got a funny bone that can be tickled easy. It's more or less these people watching their own show and having fun at their own expense. They make it a point to talk about each and every scene, but not so much on the technical side. It's more-or-less their own first-hand experiences.

Rounding out the extras on this disc are two video game trailers that play before the start of the main menu for:

- "Jackass: The Game" which runs for 44 seconds.
- "Rock Band" which runs for 1 minute 9 seconds.


There are audio commentary tracks for all of the last three Season 1 episodes featuring stars Rob Dyrdek and Christopher 'Big Black' Boykin along with executive producers Jeff Tremaine and Ruben Fleischer. More or less, these tracks are probably a waste of time for die-hard DVD-philes. In truth, I found the episodes themselves entertaining, but these tracks...not so much. In these commentaries, the gang likes to mess around. But they also make time to give some background information, which they give with both humor and some seriousness. If you only care about the technical aspects and not the comedy, then you may be taking your chances listening to these. I would say to at least listen to the first couple, and then make your judgment. If you don't like foul language, then you may not want to listen to these. Then again, what are you doing watching this series in the first place?

There are 23 deleted scenes spread out over three pages:

- "Guitar Blind Date" which runs for 40 seconds, Rob & Big take a limo ride with two girls playing instruments (rather badly).
- "ATM Machine" which runs for 2 minutes 29 seconds, Rob & Big are having their very own ATM machine delivered to their house, then installed. From there, they go get cash to fill it.
- "Linen Store" which runs for 2 minutes, Rob & Big go into a linen store and have fun looking at some of the odds and ends.
- "Swim School" which runs for 2 minutes 37 seconds, Rob tries to teach Big and Meaty how to swim.
- "Cyber FX" which runs for 1 minute 27 seconds, Watch Rob and Big get their heads scanned for their new video game.
- "Chunky Boys" which runs for 3 minutes 56 seconds, Rob introduces them at a private party at the house, then they perform a song (bleep censoring here).
- "Luggage Cart" which runs for 1 minute 2 seconds, Rob & Big are carting their luggage through the airport parking garage.
- "Drama Lesson About Blind Dating" which runs for 52 seconds, Rob gives Drama pointers about a blind date.
- "Gold Kit Security Guard" which runs for 2 minutes 24 seconds, Rob is shopping for gold jewelry, feeling confident that Big is his personal protection.
- "BB Goes Shopping with Gene" which runs for 2 minutes 39 seconds, Big and Rob's dad go to the supermarket.
- "Coffee Creamer" which runs for 1 minute 10 seconds, Rob gives Drama the third degree for the lack of coffee creamer.
- "Guys Box in Store" which runs for 29 seocnds, Rob & Big are playfully boxing in a sporting goods store, gloves and all.
- "Moldy Laundry" which runs for 1 minute 44 seconds, Big finds a pile of clothes outside the laundry room, are they Rob's? Nope. Drama's? Maybe...
- "Meaty's Poo Dissection" runs for 1 minute 34 seconds, Rob is checking out Meaty's droppings and find out what things he ate.
- "Scooter Store" runs for 1 minute 24 seconds, Rob & Big are shopping for motorized transportation at the House of Scooters.
- "Hangin' with Drama" runs for 1 minute 24 seconds, Big and his friends having fun at Drama's expense as he just 'hangs around'.
- "Ribs USA" runs for 2 minutes 19 seconds, Rob & Big are eating some of the biggest ribs they've ever had. Rob can't finish his, so Big makes him a proposition.
- "Hotdog Eating Contest" runs for 2 minutes 46 seconds, at Rob's parents, Rob & Big square off. The loser sleeps in the barn.
- "Bombing the Hill" runs for 47 seconds, Rob (skateboard) & Big (bicycle) race for fun.
- "Anal Glands" runs for 2 minutes 15 seconds, more on Rob & Big taking Meaty to the vet on Rob's birthday.
- "Massive Man Certified" runs for 1 minute 37 seconds, Rob & Big are testing out their new glass ball chairs which are supposed to be 'Massive Man Certified'.
- "Drama Drives the Porsche" runs for 3 minutes 7 seconds, Rob tries to teach Drama how to drive a stick shift.
- "Big Black Comedy" runs for 4 minutes 46 seconds, Rob & Big go to a comedy club, where Big does a comedy number.

'Special Meaty Puppy Footage' is a 3-minute and 25-second featurette that shows Rob & Black playing with Meaty at the kennel before they decided they were going to adopt him. Then you get to see him at their house.

'Rob & Big: The Real Deal' is a 30 minute 3 second long featurette which explains who Rob and Big are and how they ended up meeting. Basically, you see questions or topics on your screen and one, the other or both answer them. Definitely worth watching if you're interested in learning more about these two.

'Skate Tutorials' features these 8 skateboard stunt featurettes demonstrated by Rob. A brief note: Rob is a trained professional. Don't try these at home unless you have some skateboarding stunt experience under your belt, they include:

- "Frontside Boardslide" which runs for 1 minute 13 seconds.
- "Nose Blunt" which runs for 1 minute 16 seconds.
- "Frontside Lipslide" which runs for 1 minute 33 seconds.
- "Nose Grind" which runs for 1 minute 44 seconds.
- "Tail Slide" which runs for 1 minute 18 seconds.
- "Blunt to Fakie" which runs for 1 minute 30 seconds.
- "Smith Grind" which runs for 1 minute 10 seconds.
- "Backside Nose Grind" which runs for 59 seconds.

In the interviews you get these 8 from the Season 1 episodes. They're another opportunity to get to know Rob and Big better and include:

- "Moving In" runs for 5 minutes 6 seconds, Rob & Big talk about how they first met and eventually ended up in Hollywood Hills. Then along came Meaty . . .
- "Go Skate Day" runs for 4 minutes 34 seconds, Rob & Big talk about trying to teach Meaty to ride a skateboard. Then Big talks about his experience when he first tried -- on a mini-ramp.
- "Travel" runs for 4 minutes 51 seconds, Rob talks about going home and not forgetting where you came from. He also talks about his parents.
- "Let's Get Physical" runs for 3 minutes 11 seconds, Big talks about his cooking background -- food in general. Then Rob & Big talk about Big's attempts at trying to lose weight.
- "Happy Birthday" runs for 3 minutes 52 seconds, Rob talks about Meaty's bad butt from his birthday.
- "Making The House a Home" runs for 4 minutes 30 seconds, Rob & Big talk about shopping for their Hollywood Hills house.
- "Do Work" runs for 2 minutes 17 seconds, Rob & Big talk about this catchphrase that Big is known for saying.


This disc only has audio commentary tracks for all of the first five Season 2 episodes featuring stars Rob Dyrdek and Christopher 'Big Black' Boykin along with executive producers Jeff Tremaine and Ruben Fleischer. These tracks are more of the same.


First up on this disc are audio commentary tracks for all of the last Season 2 episodes featuring stars Rob Dyrdek and Christopher 'Big Black' Boykin along with executive producers Jeff Tremaine and Ruben Fleischer. These tracks are more of the same.

There are 12 deleted scenes spread out over two pages:

- "Finding the Vortex" runs for 3 minutes 12 seconds, more about time travel.
- "Acupuncture" runs for 3 minutes 39 seconds, Rob tries acupuncture to help his sore ankle.
- "Big's Special Thongs" runs for 2 minutes 2 seconds, Rob & Big go to an exotic boutique to look for some thongs for Big.
- "Who Shit on the Floor?" runs for 2 minutes 33 seconds, the downstairs bathroom now has a mystery.
- "Projectile Shot" runs for 37 seconds, Rob finds out what happens when Meaty rubs his dog nose to his cheek.
- "The New Time Machine" runs for 1 minute 31 seconds, Rob gets some time travel items in the mail.
- "Sherwood" runs for 4 minutes 17 seconds, he's a candidate who may possibly replace Drama as their new assistant. How he handles Mini Horse is the big test.
- "Mississippi Courthouse" runs for 50 seconds, Rob performs a skateboard stunt coming out of a courthouse.
- "Sunset Tan" runs for 2 minutes 6 seconds Rob & Big come here so that Rob can try and get tanned before going to Florida.
- "Mississippi State Park" runs for 1 minute 37 seconds, Rob & Big come here. Then Rob shows his stuff.
- "Tampa Dog Park" runs for 4 minutes 21 seconds, Rob & Big come here to watch and bet on some dog races.
- "Mississippi Country Store" runs for 2 minutes 52 seconds, Rob & Big try their hand at working at a gas station and convenience store.

There is a music video called 'Dirty Girl' that is 3 minutes 27 seconds and features Rob & Big. This is one of only two special features that are in actual full screen format.

'Special Mini Footage' is a 2 minute 6 second featurette featuring the newest member of the Rob & Big family.

'Special Uncle Jerry Footage' is a 3 minute 39 second featurette featuring the key player in helping Rob & Big make their 'Dirty Girl' music video.

'The Best of Season 2' is a 19 minute 59 second TV special hosted by Rob & Big as they discuss the highlights of Season 2, or rather their favorite moments. You also know where the commercial breaks would be when it was played on MTV.

'MTV Cribs Appearance' is a 6 minute 59 second featurette in which Rob & Big first show you two of their vehicles. From there, they give you a tour of their house. This is the second of only two special features that are in actual full screen format.


"Rob & Big: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 Uncensored" is a 4-DVD set with each disc in its own plastic slim-case, all placed into a single cardboard case.


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