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Review written by and copyright: Pat Pilon (13th December 2006).
The Film

Maybe the role went to Charisma Carpenter, but the wrong Buffy cast member got the role. Mrs. Carpenter does her best Alyson Hannigan impression, it seems. She plays, well, Jane, who has a wedding to go to. The problem is that she told everybody she has a boyfriend, but she doesn't have one, so has to find one (preferably a doctor living on the Upper East Side) in the next three weeks before a wedding, which is when everybody is expecting to meet him.

Her friends try to set her up with a bunch of guys with differing levels of sanity and the one good candidate (Antonio Sabato, Jr., who seems to have gotten worse since I watched 'Earth 2' when it originally aired on TV) doesn't want to date her. Because the love subplot is too thing, there's also a bit about Mrs. Carpenter's job as an editor and Holly Marie Combs as the actress who's writing a biography. Oddly, enough, they mesh pretty well. Both subplots are nice and simple, without anything extraneous.

Not to insult Mrs. Carpenter or anything, but you really believe she lives a simple life, with no real social life. She's not a loser, but, forgetting her looks, she really seems like a simple girl, living a single life. I don't know if this is because of the writing, directing or acting, but in certain other romantic comedies there's no way of believing the star is a single girl.

The movie tells you that love may come from an unexpected source (which, in my personal experience, rings true). It's cute, and simple, and wins you over, if you're willing to be taken away by it. There are no real surprises in the structure, but the way the plot moves along is never boring. It never tries to extend beyond its bounds, which is something I appreciate. It's a sweet movie and has a nice heart.


1.33:1 full frame. This TV movie is fine, if you consider it's a TV movie. The colours are bright and faithful to the look of the movie. The contrast is nice, though the level of detail could be a bit better. Things are clear enough and tube TV viewing shouldn't reveal the lack of detail. There are a few small specs and scratches, but nothing big. It's an okay, but expected, transfer.


The only audio track, not surprisingly, is an English Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo track, and it's nice. The range is small, but most of the movie is talking. The background music is heard, and all the little other sounds are clear. The balance between everything is good and so it's a good track.


The only things that can be considered are a couple of start-up trailers, only playing before the main menu. 'Where There's a Will' (1:33) and 'The Big White' (2:01) have trailers.


The Film: C+ Video: C Audio: B- Extras: F Overall: C-


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