Dirty Sanchez: The Movie
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Review written by and copyright: Noor Razzak and Stevie McCleary (9th October 2007).
The Film

So I'm told that the special unrated edition of this movie came with a doggie bag in case this film induced vomiting, which begs several questions. One of which is, "How did this film even get a special edition?" Who blew who behind the mailroom to get multiple editions of this thing out there? Let alone get the project green-lit in the first place? It's a crazy world we live in.
Mostly I really hate cheap humor. You know the one- that lowest common denominator type of humor? Bathroom humor and the like. It really busts my crank when people resort to it. Yes, poo comes out the bottom. It's not funny; it's just something that should probably only come up when you accidentally wipe back-to-front.
And I'll watch people hurt themselves and find it entertaining at some level. But it's usually only when they really don't intend to hurt themselves. That's comedy. But when stupid, loud people set out to do stupid, loud things...well, all that happens is that I end up feeling bad because I actually spend that time hoping they die. You see what you've done to me, Dirty Sanchez? You've made me a filthy death-wisher...you gits.
Now before I say anything else about the film...one thing has to be mentioned: after one of the 'stunts', I had to take an hour break from watching, in an attempt to not thunder chunder my dinner. I do not have a weak stomach. You probably think you don't have a weak stomach either. But then, have you ever watched a man drink anther man's liposuction blood and fat?
"This is Dirty Sanchez and I've just eaten a man."
Right, now that I've made it clear what to expect, this movie is, at times, borderline unwatchable. But at the same time...and it's hard to say...it's a most glorious train wreck. It's watching a group of twisted mates doing absolutely everything to each other that you never want done to yourself, but you're intrigued to see what it looks like.
This includes, but is not limited to: super-gluing your nostrils shut, throwing darts at each other, assaulting your sleeping friend with a sparkler while you're naked (for...some reason), getting your asleep friend to masturbate you while he's painted up like 'The Hulk' (for...some reason), fun with the "Lady Boys of Thailand", squirt beer from your ass into another man's face, chop off the end of your finger...
That's not even an inkling of all the things they get up to. My personal favorites are the encounter they have with the Tokyo Shock Boys and with the Japanese Death Match wrestlers. Oh, and the part where they sabotage the Russian text "Sleep When You're Dead" that Matthew Pritchard) had tattooed on himself, and replacing it with...well, you'll have to wait until the end of the credits to find out. But it's pretty damn funny.
The 'plot' is that the "Dirty Sanchez" crew, essentially the Welsh version of "Jackass" (2000-2002) die on their first stunt and then are charged by the Devil to go on a worldwide trip and commit the seven deadly sins. Then comes a lot of male nudity, vomiting, blood and tears. And it really does make "Jackass" look like pre-schoolers.
I don't know who to recommend this film to...but I think watching it with a group of mates would be best. There's so much of it that you have to turn away from and yet so much that causes you to not look away. I think most people can make their own call on this one. It's gross and horrible but it's actually put together quite well and not the complete waste I thought it would be. It's pretty hard to rate something like this. But in comparison to other TV/movies of its kind...it'd be pretty hard to beat, purely for being so completely over the top.


Presented in the film's original theatrical widescreen ratio of 2.35:1 this anamorphic transfer is considerably good especially when you take into account the film was shot on DV. The image remains sharp although not always, colors are bright and skin tones appear accurate. The overall image is a bit flat, with compression artefacts an occasional thing. The transfer suits the film and doesn't really impress as it does the job.


A single English Dolby Digital 5.1 surround track is included, the dialogue is clear and distortion free although sometimes the thick accents are a little difficult to make out (rarely though). The mix is fairly front heavy with musical cues taking up the majority of the surround action.
Optional subtitles are included in English for the hearing impaired only.


First up is a feature-length audio commentary by the film's director Jim Hickey and cast members Matthew Pritchard and Lee Dainton. This track is a very easy and entertaining track to listen to, the boy comment freely about the show, the movie and the various stunts as well as traveling around and talk about their favorite moments from the filming. A few additional stories from the production are revealed plus a few jokes are shared as they watch the film along with the viewer. Some background is provided on the stunts but generally this track is an enjoyable romp through the film. There's nothing particularly brilliant about the track, but they just seem likeable enough and it's not a taxing track to listen to.

Following that are a series of 13 deleted scenes, these can be viewed individually of with a 'play all' function. They include:

- "Tokyo Shock Boys Uncut" runs for 28 minutes 11 seconds and is the unedited version of the sequence where the Sanchez boys try to out shock the Tokyo Shock Boys.
- "Cardiff City Football Club" runs for 4 minutes 40 seconds, in this scene the boy get a soccer ball kicked to the ass in front of a stadium crowd.
- "Shinkicking" runs for 5 minutes 47 seconds, the boys enter a shinkicking contest.
- "Russian Attack Dogs" runs for 4 minutes 43 seconds, a pack of attack dogs are set on the boys.
- "Cossacks" runs for 4 minutes 9 and the boys learn to dance like a Cossack.
- "Russian Pepperball Roulette" runs for 6 minutes 22 seconds, the boys play Russian roulette with a paintball filled with white ground pepper.
- "Frozen s**t" runs for 4 minutes 13 seconds, the boys play around with a bag of frozen s**t.
- "Dick Tattoo" runs for 6 minutes 31 seconds, Pritchard goes to a Thai Tattoo parlor to get his dick tattooed.
- "Flipper Race" runs for 3 minutes 19 seconds, the boys race along the beach wearing scuba flippers.
- "Beach Volleyball" runs for 3 minutes 11 seconds, the boys play a game of volleyball against some girls, they loose and the penalty is a lobster down the pants.
- "Mexican Feast" runs for 8 minutes 27 seconds, a four course dinner served and a series of torture tests.
- "Baseball" runs for 3 minutes 18 seconds, in an effort to make some money the boys get baseballs hurled at them.
- "Touting the Gig" runs for 4 minutes 24 seconds, the boys put on a pain auction to make some money.

Rounding out the extras are a series of bonus trailers for:

- "1408" which runs for 2 minutes 33 seconds.
- "D.O.A. Dead or Alive" which runs for 2 minutes 5 seconds.
- "The Ex" which runs for 2 minutes 24 seconds.
- "The Business" which runs for 1 minute 49 seconds.


The Film: B Video: B Audio: B Extras: B- Overall: B


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