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Review written by and copyright: Noor Razzak (25th September 2007).
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Carrying on from the series' Emmy Award winning second season the American version of the highly regarded BBC series continues to hit new highs and setting a benchmark for prime time comedy, the third season includes more of the same brand of mockumentary hilarity as the season added two more Emmy's (out of their nine nominations) to their trophy cabinet including 'Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series' for the season's first episode "Gay Witch Hunt".
This season the storylines are expanded and characters experience many changes in their professional and love lives, Jim Halpert (John Krasinski) moved away from Scranton to the Stamford office to get away from the drama that is his relationship (or lack-thereof) with Pam (Jenna Fischer). Pam has moved on from her engagement and broke off her wedding with fiancée Roy (David Denman), the temp Ryan (B.J. Novak) has taken Jim's position at a full time capacity while still stuck in a soul crushing relationship with Kelly (Mindy Kaling). Dwight (Rainn Wilson) doesn't miss Jim and continues to kiss Michael's (Steve Carell) ass, who bumbles his way through the average work day and trying to keep his relationship with Jan (Melora Hardin) from Corporate a secret. The season takes an interesting turn halfway when Stamford closes down and merges with Scranton as Michael takes on some new employees that try to get along with each other including a new ass kisser Andy Bernard (Ed Helms) who immediately butts heads with Dwight and Jim's new love interest Rashida Jones) Karen Filippelli. Both are excellent additions to the regular cast and bring their own unique brand of comedy to the series but especially Ed Helms who incites some of the biggest laughs from this season.
Season three not only kicked off with new storylines including the closing of the Stamford branch, Michael and Jan's rollercoaster relationship and the many awkward meetings held by Michael in the conference room but it also attracted a host of new high profile directors including Harold Ramis, Joss Whedon and J.J. Abrams who joined the already talented team that bring this show to the airwaves on a weekly basis.
Some of the best moments from the season inevitably revolve around Michael, who continues to create moments of sheer hilarity by making a total fool of himself, while the character maintains his egocentric, unintentionally destructive and almost ridiculous behavior he always manages to come through for his staff. Michael certainly cares for these people. Awkward moments abound are crafted from the brilliant writing this series has seen.
Some of the most brilliant moments from this season include the Dwight taking Ryan on his first sales call but instead takes him to his family beet farm for a series of tests, Michael's leaked e-mail of an illicit photo of him and Jan at Sandals, Jamaica, the many moments where Michael belittles Toby and his somber replies as if all energy has been sucked from his body, and my personal favorites where they discover that one of the Stamford employees is an ex-convict, Phyllis' wedding and Michael getting kicked out and the brilliant episode were Michael is asked to speak at Ryan's Business School class among many other classic moments.
The one element that frustrated me the most was escalating the romantic tension between Jim and Pam and extending it for the entire duration of the third season!
If you're a fan of the series then you'll find a lot to laugh at this time around, this version of "The Office" originally faced a slew of nay-sayers at the start that it would not work and would never be as good or as clever as the original British version, but three season in and the producers, writers, directors and marvelous cast continue to create one of the best shows currently on Television and I sincerely hope they continue at this level for many seasons to come. Roll on season four.

This Season Three DVD release of "The Office" includes all 22 episodes from that season, the episodes featured are:

Episode 1: "Gay Witch Hunt"
When one of the office members comes out of the closet and into the light, Michael does all the wrong things while trying to make him feel more comfortable with his colleagues.

Episode 2: "The Convention"
It's time to ge the party started when Michael and Dwight head to the Mid-Market Office Supply Convention, and Pam reluctantly goes on a date.

Episode 3: "The Coup"
Actions speak louder than words when Michael discovers that Dwight has been secretly meeting with Jan, and Jim gets killed again and again in an office video game.

Episode 4: "Grief Counseling"
When a former regional manager comes to an abrupt end, Michael becomes alarmed that the staff hasn't shown the appropriate amount of grief.

Episode 5: "Initiation"
While most of the staff is occupied with the annual free pretzel day, Dwight teaches Ryan how to be a "real" salesman at the Schrute family beet farm.

Episode 6: "Diwali"
A little festivity goes a long way when Kelly invites everyone to a Diwali party, and Andy, Jim and Karen decide to mix a little alcohol with their number crunching.

Episode 7: "Branch Closing"
Bad news travels fast when Jan informs Michael that the Scranton branch is closing, and most of the employees look forward to their post-Dunder Mifflin lives.

Episode 8: "The Merger"
A new office merger brings old friends back together, but Michael's "welcome" style alarms some of the transferred employees.

Episode 9: "The Convict"
When Michael discovers there's an ex-convict on staff, he goes out of his way to make the employees realize that being in prison is not at all like working at Dunder Mifflin.

Episode 10: "A Benihana Christmas"
It's time for joy and goodwill toward others, but the staff is feeling none of it as Michael deals with a broken heart and Angela and Pam create rival Christmas parties.

Episode 11: "Back from Vacation"
Vacation mode ends abruptly when Michael accidentally circulates a photo of him and Jan together, and Karen and Jim put Pam in the middle of their first fight.

Episode 12: "Traveling Salesmen/The Return"
Two's the magic number when the sales force pairs up on off-site calls, Dwight shows his true feelings for a 'teammate' Angela. And it's fiesta time at Dunder Mifflin as Oscar returns with mixed feelings from his extended vacation in this double mid-season episode.

Episode 13: "Ben Franklin"
Michael puts himself in charge of the entertainment at Phylli's shower and hires a stripper for the men and Ben Franklin for the ladies.

Episode 14: "Phyllis' Wedding"
The Bride regrets assigning an important task to Michael, and Pam realizes that Phyllis borrowed many of her wedding day plans.

Episode 15: "Business School"
Michael is delighted when Ryan asks him to be a guest speaker in his business class, but he soon realizes that going back to school is more difficult than he thought.

Episode 16: "Cocktails"
Business and pleasure collide at a CFO's party, where Michael and Jan go public with their relationship, and Jim learns more about Karen.

Episode 17: "The Negotiation"
The men of Dunder Mifflin face their fears as Michael negotiates a pay increase (with a little help from Darryl) and Jim deals with the aftermath of Pam's confession to Roy.

Episode 18: "Safety Training"
Andy returns from Anger management training as Michael and Dwight educate the staff about the dangers in the workplace.

Episode 19: "Product Recall"
When a shipment of papers with an obscene watermark is distributed, the staff rallies to help the customer service department handle the backlash.

Episode 20: "Women's Appreciation"
Phyllis is flashed on her way into work, and Michael tries to help by taking the women on a special day trip while Dwight and Andy team up to find the perpetrator.

Episode 21: "Beach Games"
After learning that he's being considered for a position in Corporate, Michael turns a day at the beach into competitions as a way to choose his successor.

Episode 22: "The Job"
In this one-hour finale, there's excitement in the air over the events at the beach, the Corporate job interviews and Jan's eye-opening revelation.


Presented in the show's original broadcast ratio of 1.78:1 widescreen this anamorphic transfer is excellent. Shot in digital high definition format, the resulting image is brilliantly sharp and detailed, colors appears accurate and vivid with natural skin tones. Black levels are suitably dark throughout this clean transfer that features hardly a single imperfection aside from some minor moire effect against some patterned lines.


The series included a single Dolby Digital 5.1 surround track. This series is largely dialogue based with little need for an aggressive surround mix; however the show suitably conveys office life with a subtle ambient track that immerses the viewer. Dialogue is primarily directed at the front speakers and is presented cleanly without any distortion. This surround track will not likely win any awards or put your home theater through any tests but it is suitable and does the job quite well.
Optional subtitles are also included in both English for the hearing impaired and Spanish.



A few episodes include audio commentary featuring various members of the cast and crew, these tracks are all worth listening, the tracks are fun and have a lighthearted approach, the cast members who have clearly formed a bond over the last few years seem to spend their time telling jokes, making fun of each other and performances but also revealing funny moments from the filming, scenes that didn't quite make the cut but that were enjoyable to do, they also spend a lot of time commenting on their favorite scenes and moments from the episodes as well as certain character traits which they seem to find amusing. They very rarely provide any technical information, although a few times it was given in regards to directing an episode, some of the challenges of writing and editing sequences which seem to come together quickly and easily considering each scene is covered from various angles and the cast are all very good at playing for the camera and pacing out the comedic moments. There isn't a lot to be learned from these tracks but they are great to listen to, especially for fans of the show.

This first disc includes an audio commentary on the episode "The Coup" by cast members John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Rashida Jones and Angela Kinsey.

A second audio Commentary is included for the episode "Initiation" by cast members B.J. Novak, Rainn Wilson and Leslie David Baker.

Following those tracks are a collection of deleted scenes, these scenes are broken down per episode and can be viewed individually or with a 'play all' option, the scenes include are for:

- "Gay Witch Hunt" which runs for 8 minutes 49 seconds, in these cut scenes Andy shows off his calves to Jim. Jan checks up on Michael and reveals that he's fond of his girlfriend's kids. Jim is put off by a breast pump. Dwight requests the safe search block be removed from his computer. Michael comments about not actually knowing any gay people. Michael asks Ryan if it's possible to be gay and not know it. Dwight investigates the staff. Andy makes a point to Jim about not knowing everything. Karen thinks Jim is a kiss ass and makes fun of his assistant regional manager position and Karen plays a prank on Jim with his phone. Michael makes awkward conversation with Pam about her break-up with Roy. Michael shares an awkward moment with Oscar and Oscar comments on his homosexuality as Michael shares his about gay men having lots of females friends while Dwight talks about packing fudge once with his uncle.

- "The Convention" runs for 6 minutes 14 seconds and includes cut scenes where Michael talks about the craziness of the convention and tries to convince Ryan to come along. Michael shares a memory from a previous convention and the trouble he got into because of Packer. Dwight sings out his per diem. Michael reveals to Dwight he almost became a bottle-capper. Michael and Dwight pick up their convention passes and Michael believes the girl working there may be someone he met on a singles phone service. Michael creates an awkward moment in front of Josh, the Stamford branch boss. Dwight questions Josh and Michael shares his thoughts on Josh. Dwight gets more infatuated with the things Josh has done in his life. Dwight covertly talks to Angela on the phone and Michael starts up his party. Dwight goes back to his room and finds Angela. Jan flirts with Josh but is turned down as Josh comments on her relationship with Michael. Michael and Dwight show off their custom t-shirts.

- "The Coup" runs for 8 minutes 42 seconds and includes Michael asking Dwight to find Angela for movie Monday. Dwight and Angela talk about Michael in the kitchen. Dwight talks about being loyal but also knowing when to cut and run. Dwight tries to console Michael after Jan leaves. Creed comments on living in the office three nights a week while Michael tries to get movie Monday back on track. Michael talks to Pam about "Grey's Anatomy" when he gets a call from Jan. Kevin eye's up Pam's new wardrobe. Roy comments on never telling Pam how she looked unless asked. More Michael trying to rhyme is last name. Dwight clears off Michael's desk and talks about the changes he's going to make. The staff comments on the changes taking place. Jim finally takes out Karen on the video game. Jim comments on things being much more different in Stamford.

- "Grief Counseling" runs for 8 minutes 41 seconds and includes Jim looking at inappropriate baby photos. Jan tells Michael that is old boss has died. Michael talks about grief and Dwight makes an announcement about deleting contact details for Ed. Dwight comments on learning from death and preventing it and Michael decides to bring in a grief councilor. Roy shares a moment with Pam, while Toby tries to council the staff but Michael takes over and changes things to use a ball to get people's grief out. Pam and Roy share a moment in the parking lot. Pam comments on Michael's saddest movie while Michael and Dwight try to dig a grave for a dead bird.

- "Initiation" runs for 5 minutes 59 seconds and includes Jan asking Michael for a log of how he spends his time at work. Pam comments on when Jan and Michael argue. Dwight tells Michael that he's taking Ryan on a sales call. Pam tells of her bet with Jim. Ryan can't get into Dwight's car and Dwight tries to teach Ryan a few things about listening and selling while at his family beet farm. Michael reads out his work log and fools around with some wind-up teeth. Ryan reflects about hitting rock bottom. Plus more footage of Dwight teaching Ryan while walking to the graveyard. Stanley steals Kevin's pretzel. Stanley tells a 'that's what she said' joke to Michael.

- "Diwali" runs for 9 minutes 36 seconds and includes Pam commenting on being social. Angela complains about the holiday and having to go. Michael comments on the various holidays he has to celebrate and tries to explain the party to Jan. Michael comments on promising Carol a night out and the joke he played on her. Dwight asks Ryan about his new shirt. Michael asks Pam to send out an email about some preparation for the party. Michael gives a lecture about famous Indians. Dwight shares a moment with Pam about not going to the party. Andy comments on his party days at Cornell. Phyllis in line for food at the party and Angela talks about why she's attending. Andy assumes Jim ordered the tuna for dinner. Kelly's excited that Pam came and Carol meets Ryan and tells him Michael talks about him all the time. Pam meets a guy at the party and Kevin makes fun of Michael. Ryan comments on the party and Dwight and Angela share a moment outside before they leave. Kevin tries to convince Kelly's parents to book his covers band for next year's party and Michael plays cards.

Rounding out the extras on this disc are some bonus trailers for:

- "Evan Almighty" which runs for 1 minute 24 seconds.
- "Balls of Fury" which runs for 2 minutes 34 seconds.
- "Georgia Rule" which runs for 30 seconds.
- "Chuck" which runs for 33 seconds.


The second disc also includes a series of deleted scenes, these scenes are broken down per episode and can be viewed individually or with a 'play all' option, the scenes include are for:

- "The Merger" runs for 7 minutes 12 seconds and includes Dwight briefing Michael on the new staff members. Jim and Kevin share a moment and Pam tells Jim that it's weird that he's sitting in a different place. Kevin and Meredith share a strange moment in the Kitchen. Andy introduces himself to Kevin while Michael walks around the office making things awkward. Also included are some additional scenes with Meredith, Andy and Kevin. Michael asks if the office can get along and he hosts the integration celebration. Dwight comments on burning off eyebrows while Andy tries to suck up to Michael.

- "The Convict" runs for 14 minutes 54 seconds and includes scene with Dwight commenting on it not being easy being mother. Andy and Dwight share a confrontational moment in the kitchen as Andy talks about being an exceptional baby. Pam doodles a lot while Jan informs the meeting that Martin is an ex-convict. Angela voices her concerns while Pam doesn't think it's a big deal. Jim and Karen share a moment with the baby. Pam comments on Karen and Karen talks about Jim while Ryan questions Kelly about the baby. Michael tells Dwight that he pushes him too much and Dwight comments on being cool and also shows off his karate. The staff talks about prison, Stanley shares his thoughts about Martin's background and Dwight asks for permission to check Martin's background and comments on establishing dominance in Prison. Angela does some research on prisons in the area. Plus Michael rec-time in the parking lot, and Dwight tells of a hypothetical situation while Angela continues to be suspicious of Martin. Andy tells Jim they'll go out tonight while Phyllis patronizes the baby. Dwight is concerned that Meredith has been kidnapped or killed by Martin. Michael comments on an assembly he had at school that influenced his use of characters when giving a presentation plus additional footage pf 'prison Mike'.

- "A Benihana Christmas" runs for 5 minutes 54 seconds and includes Michael quoting Shakespeare. Angela on how Michael cancelled Christmas. Karen comments on the party planning committee. Angela complains to Toby about Pam and Karen starting a separate party. Creed, Kevin, Phyllis and Stanley comment on the two parties and which they'll likely attend. Phyllis is caught in a stand-off between two parties. More footage from the lunch at Benihana, including Michael trying to call Carol. Ryan gives Kelly a Christmas present and Angele runs off to get more ginger ale. Kelly searches through the dumpster for Ryan's gift which she threw out and Michael introduces his new girlfriend to Stanley.

- "Back from Vacation" runs for 13 minutes 6 seconds and includes Michael reflecting on his vacation. Pam comments on getting post-cards from Michael whenever he goes away. Dwight reports all the things that Jim has done to him while he was away. Dwight comments on not taking vacations. Michael hands out presents to the staff. Michael listens to an ocean sounds CD he bought. Creed asks Stanley if he wants to buy any ganja. Michael tells a story about a guy he met in Jamaica who loves his job. Michael comments on wanting to take everyone to Jamaica. Pam comments on Jan and Michael's relationship. Ryan Tells of Michael's photoshop skills. Stanley and Phyllis share a moment and she comments on not liking him. Michael tries to access Jan's email account. Michael talks to IT about a way to delete the email. Jan talks to a colleague about what she did on vacation. Meredith shares her thoughts on going away. Angela comments on the body being a temple and Kevin talks about rubbing sunscreen on Jan and Dwight comments on the worst and best things about the internet. Pam helps Jim look for an apartment for Karen. Dwight shares Spider-man's principles, Phyllis is annoyed Stanley won't answer his phone and Dwight makes an announcement to the warehouse about inventory. Roy helps Ryan out with some stock while Dwight and Andy have a box stacking contest. Meredith gets trapped under some boxes and Michael gives Stanley his bonus in Jamaican money. Toby talks about living in Hawaii while Creed talks about cleaning out the warehouse.

The only featurette on this disc is entitled "Kevin Cooks Stuff in the Office" which runs for 4 minutes 57 seconds. In this clip Kevin teaches us what we can cook in the office using items found in the vending machines.

Also on this disc is a video excerpt from the '2006 NBC Primetime Preview' which runs for 8 minutes 11 seconds. These are similar to promotional shorts which feature the cast, and include Michael telling Pam about his new 13-inch flat panel TV and wants to invite everyone for a viewing party. Pam and Jim coax Dwight into a saltine eating contest. Ryan and Kevin at the copy machine as Kevin shows off his best impression. Pam delivers an important letter to Dwight, a ransom for his bobble-head doll. Kevin, Jim and Dwight see who can throw a bottle of mustard over the building. Phyllis is amazed that a dog saved their master by dialing 911. Kevin tells Pam that she can look like Carmen Electra if she changed a few things about herself and finally Meredith is excited about Michael's viewing party.

Following that are a series of Toby wraparounds which run for 2 minutes 48 seconds, these clip feature the character Toby introduces himself, talks about what he does at the office, and his HR nightmares plus shares his fantasies and interacts with other staff members. These clips were created as promo videos for the show.

A very funny Dwight Schrute music video is included which runs for 2 minutes 9 seconds, I'm not sure who performs it but it's a highlight clip of Dwight's funniest moments set to music : "he's Dwight Schrute! Kickin' ass...takin' names!"

Next up is a brief Joss Whedon interview that runs for only 1 minute as he comments on wanting to do the show and what to expect from his episode.

The final extras on this disc are a collection of 6 videos from "The Office: Make Your Own Promo" Contest, this contest asked viewer to create their own commercial spot for the new season and includes the three grand prize winners and the three finalists which are:

- "Rubberband Ball" which runs for 23 seconds.
- "Sing-A-Long" which runs for 24 seconds.
- "Playing at the Office" which runs for 23 seconds.
- "Bobbleheads" which runs for 23 seconds.
- "Supplies Animation" which runs for 23 seconds.
- "Claymation" which runs for 35 seconds.


The third disc includes audio commentary on the episode "Traveling Salesmen/The Return" by cast members John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson, Rashida Jones, Ed Helms, Leslie David Baker and editor Dave Rogers.

A second audio commentary is included on the episode "Business School" by cast members B.J. Novak, Rainn Wilson, and writer Brent Forrester.

Following that are deleted scenes, these scenes are broken down per episode and can be viewed individually or with a 'play all' option, the scenes include are for:

- "Traveling Salesmen" runs for 17 minutes 13 seconds and includes Michael showing off his new computer toy. Ed and Karen face off about being the last two remaining from Stamford. Michael asks Pam to leave him a message for being late. Michael comments on punctuality and sets out teams for the sales call. Ryan comments on Stanley taking him out on a sales call. Dwight comments on re-inventing the roof and Jim tells Dwight that going on these calls is like the old days. Dwight comments on what Jim brings to the sales call and Pam goes on a coffee run taking orders. Plus a lot of additional in-car footage of Dwight and Jim, Michael and Andy, Ryan and Stanley and Karen and Phyllis. Dwight and Jim wait at reception. Dwight gives out his stuff to fellow employees and Michael comments on selling paper.

- "The Return" runs for 9 minutes 25 seconds and include footage of Oscar returning to work and bumping into Michael in the parking lot. Oscar talks about more possible settlements and Toby asks Oscar about his vacation. Creed freaks out Jim and Jim asks Karen one last time if she wants in on 'Operation Andy'. Jim hides Andy's cell phone in the ceiling and Michael flicks Toby with a rubber band and enquires about Dwight's severance. Andy offers up a nickname for Michael, Kelly shares a moment with Oscar about his being gay. Michael is depressed and asks Jim what he thinks about Andy. Michael hares a story about when he was 5 years-old when his mother kissed his butt and how it made him feel. Angela tells Pam that she misses Dwight and how his leaving was her fault. Dwight is given an early promotion at his new job. Michael realizes he's made a mistake allowing Dwight to leave. Kevin tells Ryan about eating candy from a piñata plus additional footage from Oscar's welcome back party. Karen talks about how Andy punched a hole in the wall.

- "Ben Franklin" runs for 10 minutes 32 seconds and include footage of Michael asking for a moment of silence for the women of "Braveheart" and on how he can talk is way out of anything. Michael tells Pam he's a good listener and Packer chats up Pam. Michael tells of the 200 things a man needs to know and Phyllis works on her seating chart for her wedding. Toby is told to take the rest of the day off while Creed tries to scam change from Angela. Ben Franklin is egged on by the ladies and Darryl welcomes the stripper to the warehouse and makes sure that Michael has the ok to so this as he asks him to make the place sexy for the show. Kevin tells us about the stripper pole as Ryan comments on the stripper and Michael feels bad about allowing the stripper to dance on him. Finally Dwight continues to interrogate Ben Franklin.

- "Phyllis' Wedding" runs for 10 minutes 31 seconds and include footage of Bob accidentally seeing Phyllis in her wedding dress thanks to Michael. Angela comments on enjoying traditional weddings and is not happy about being seated next to a stranger. Kevin comments on the various women he's asked to marry him while Phyllis talks to Pam who points out she borrowed her entire wedding ideas. Dwight checks off guests and Michael tells Pam not to be jealous. Karen is distracted by her blackberry while Dennis the vet talks to Angela about what he does. Michael tries to find dirt on Phyllis for his speech as Dwight tries to stop wedding crashers. Michael forces his way to the wedding table at the front and Creed and Oscar share and awkward moment. Also seen are more of Michael speech and an angry Michael outside after he's been kicked out. Dennis asks Angela for her number and Michael tries to tell the priest that he objects to the wedding as Pam decides to leave. Finally Michael changes his tune and comments on Bob loving Phyllis and then rides the chair lift.

- "Business School" runs for 5 minutes 48 seconds and includes footage of Michael on why he went to business school. Jim gets business books for Michael as a refresher. Creed patiently waits for Phyllis' return and Meredith tries to tell a joke plus more footage of Michael lecturing the business class about his big ideas. Karen tries to take down a flyer and Dwight asks what a leader is as Meredith remains trapped in the room with the bat and Roy's cousin is glad that he's back with Pam.

- "Cocktails" runs for 4 minutes 24 seconds and included footage of Karen talking about how great it is Jim was invited to interview as Roy tells Pam to sign her painting. Ryan asks Toby if he's going to the bar afterwards as Jim asks Pam to wait for them after. Kevin is surprised Oscar and Angela have decided to come and Dwight continues to check out the CFO's house. Jan talks about going out with the wrong men and Ryan bumps into a girl who turns out to be Stanley's daughter. Dwight continues to hang out in the CFO's son's room while Michael reflects on the day.


This fourth and final disc includes four audio commentaries the first on the episode "Safety Training" by cast members B.J. Novak, Mindy Kaling and director Harold Ramis

The second audio commentary is on the episode "Women's Appreciation" by cast members Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery and writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

The third audio commentary is on the episode "Beach Games" by cast members Ed Helms, Brian Baumgartner, writer Jennifer Celotta and director Harold Ramis

The final audio commentary is on the episode "The Job" by cast members John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rashida Jones, Melora Hardin, editor Dave Rogers and director Ken Kwapis.

Following that are more deleted scenes, these scenes are broken down per episode and can be viewed individually or with a 'play all' option, the scenes include are for:

- "Safety Training" runs for 7 minutes 51 seconds and includes footage of Andy returning to the office with a new name and nobody liking the cookies he brought in. Kevin takes the last of the coffee and is weary that Andy might attack him. Angela keys Andy's car and Michael rallies people to go on a field trip to the warehouse. Michael can't seem to focus while the warehouse crew gives their safety presentation and Michael complains that their presentation was better. Andy tells Dwight and Michael what he's learned from anger management training but instead the two are distracted by a trampoline. Karen losses a bet to Stanley and Michael decides to wait before jumping until everyone is there as staff try but fail to talk in down from the roof. Michael reflects on falling off the roof and Andy sees the damage to his car.

- "Product Recall" runs for 12 minutes 41 seconds and includes footage of Kelly continuing to apologies to customers repeatedly as Ryan mocks her. Michael comments about dealing with a problem quickly and Dwight tries to contact CNN. Kelly talks about the importance of customer service and a journalist from the local paper is surprised to see Creed alive considering he wrote his obituary. Andy tells Jim that he though his girlfriend was older and not a high school student and recalls how he met her. Michael comments on what a dissatisfied customer expect to hear and is apology back fires. Andy burst into class trying to talk to his girlfriend and Dwight comments on not believing in apologies. Angela gets into an argument with Kelly and Kevin tells us about cartoon sex. Michael comments on how the customer was wrong and Pam talks about Michael's apology videos, also included are a couple of highlights from the videos. Jim tries to talk Andy out of talking to his high school girlfriend and Dwight relays a message from Debbie in the warehouse to Creed who convinces Dwight she's in the wrong and needs to be fired. Dwight puts make-up on Michael for his video and Kelly apologies to Angela. Also included is additional footage of Michael's apology video and Dwight makes an announcement about the person responsible for the watermark being fired.

- "Women's Appreciation" runs for 5 minutes 6 seconds and includes footage of Michael lying to Jan about reading the Wall Street Journal. Stanley tells Kelly that Phyllis was flashed and Andy and Dwight share a moment in the kitchen. Andy tells of how he'll win Dwight's trust and Michael asks why women can't have orgasms and wonders what it would be like to be a woman. Kelly's happy about going to the mall and Dwight escorts the ladies out to the van. Andy comments on what he find important and Pam thinks it's inappropriate for Michael to be buying them underwear as Michael makes a suggestion to Pam. Jim sees the wanted poster for the first time and Andy makes Dwight believe he likes cold soup. Michael comments on the un-understandability of women.

- "Beach Games" runs for 6 minutes 32 seconds and includes footage of Michael informing everyone about getting on the bus and that no outside guests are allowed to their beach day. Jim gets a call from corporate as Michael poses a question about working with your ex. Everyone gets on the party bus but Meredith is almost left behind as Michael keeps the activities a secret from Dwight. Meredith stops for a pee break and Jim points out some hazards that Michael ignores. Phyllis runs down her list of hot guys as Andy comments on winning the games. Michael complains to Pam how people aren't playing by the rules, also included is additional footage from the hit dog eating scene and Ryan trying to step up and walk across the coals but is denied, finally Andy tries to hitch a ride back to the beach in the sumo outfit.

- "The Job" runs for 12 minutes 5 seconds and include footage of Michael capturing some memories before he leaves. Ryan receives an amusing fax and Michael gives the accounting team a pep talk. Michael tells Dwight to take a month before moving into his office to allow people to grieve and he checks online for places to live in New York. Dwight continues to interview Andy for the number two position as Andy comments on why he's good for the job. Pam accepts a secret assignment from Dwight and then asks Angela to keep an eye on her. Kelly is upset that Michael might be leaving and Pam realizes that she and Kelly have nothing in common. Michael continues to interview for the job as Angela is turned on by Dwight's new power. Kevin talks about his wager and might have a gambling problem as Dwight tests his employees. Pam comments on her new duties and Creed counterfeits millions of Schrutebucks. Dwight comments on being the boss and Michael on why he didn't take the job at corporate. Dwight comments on his accomplishments for the day and Stanley tells Michael that he's glad he's back as Michael reflects on the events of the day.

Next up is a blooper reel that runs for 13 minutes 44 seconds and includes some hilarious moments where the cast forget lines, flub lines, improve some failed bits, miss cues and laugh out loud. It's mainly the usual mistakes but some of it is actually quite funny.

The video for "Lazy Scranton" is also included and runs for 2 minutes 12 seconds, here we get the complete uncut version of the welcome to Scranton music video that Michael presents to the new employees from the Stamford branch.

An excerpt from the '58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards' is next and runs for 1 minute 14 seconds and is an amusing sketch featuring Conan O'Brien crashing the office through the ceiling and commenting on Jim and Pam's relationship. Funny stuff.

Universal has packed this 4-disc set with tons of extras that make for fantastic viewing and offer up hours of fun, the commentaries are fun and enjoyable to listen to while the deleted scenes are plentiful however I am still disappointed that this set does not include some behind-the-scenes making-of documentary, I always though that a look at the making an episode from concept to completion would be fascinating including the directing of an episode and the level of improve used on the show versus what is actually written. Otherwise this is yet another excellent season set for fans.


This 4-disc set is packaged in a digi-pack that that is housed in a cardboard slip-case.


The Show: A Video: A Audio: B Extras: A+ Overall: A-


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