Run's House: Complete Seasons 1 & 2 (TV)
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Review written by and copyright: Noor Razzak and Stevie McCleary (30th April 2007).
The Film

Wondered what the 'Run' part of Run-DMC had been up to in the last few years? Oh, you know, plenty of stuff. Raising his kids...fixing things...going to the doctor...discussing the facts of life...pregnancy...doing stuff. Y'know, it's much like everyone else. Only we can watch him do all these things on a three disc DVD set, which collects the first two seasons of this MTV reality show. And, of course, he has tons of money. Boy nothing makes you feel better about your life than watching someone with more money than you'll ever see. Still, at the end of the day, they're just like anybody else. This is his house. Who's house? Yeah, you know.
Run has become a Reverend and settled down with his wife Justine. We get a look into his household as they raise three sons, Jojo, Diggy, Russy, and two daughters, Vanessa and Angela.
Bottom line is that the show is quite sweet. It is clean, friendly and easy to watch. The family is really no different than any other. Even at the end of the first episode, on the 'Re-Run' at the end, Run discusses how his kids aren't spoiled brats...they ask for things (they ask for big things) but they ask with their fingers crossed. They get disappointed but not angry when they don't get their way. Just like any other good kid. It's good to see that being from money doesn't have to turn you into some sort of ridiculous caricature of a human being. Cough...Paris
The aforementioned 'Re-Run' occurs at the end of each episode and has the family separately sitting down and commenting on the events of the episode. It adds a unique look into what is really going on. Despite whatever misgivings someone might have about how many things are planned on a 'reality' show, when we are put on the spot we often don't say everything we should have. The 'Re-Run' gives a chance for the family to reflect on what they said and did. It's a pretty cool concept. Along with Run's email that he sends to all his friends every morning from his bath, in which he shares whatever advice/thought that is on his mind, it gives a little bit more of an interesting set-up for the show rather than just 'here's the family, they are doing stuff.'
Still, on the surface, this show would seem like lacking interest to someone who was not a huge Run-DMC fan, or a fan of the 'family-life' reality shows. But there are always things to learn from watching another's day-to-day activities. In this case, Reverend Run comes across as a guy with his head on straight and a good handle on how to raise his family. And that's always a pleasure to see. I even learnt a few things along the way that isn't just good advice, but is the type of common sense that you need to be reminded of every once and a while. Justine isn't the biological parent of the three eldest children and yet they all treat each other with love and respect. You see a family with a real love for each other. And that is the reason that a show like this still has merit. I don't pretend to really understand the perverse fascination that the world seems to have with watching these shows, but when you do you often find a lot of hidden gems. Sometimes it doesn't hurt to see how other people live and to see that they live well.
This is his house and a good house it is. It's "Run's House". It's good to drop in for a visit.

This DVD collection includes 6 Season 1 episodes:

- "Angela's Graduation"
- "Run's Facts Of Life"
- "There's No Place Like Home"
- "Do Your Best, Forget The Rest"
- "The Fruits Of Labor"
- "Simmons Family Vacation"

As well as 10 episodes from Season 2:

- "Baby Fever"
- "A Healthy Heart"
- "All Work And No Peace"
- "Maximum Growth"
- "Vegas Vacation"
- "Rev's Fix It List"
- "Rev Mom"
- "Downward Facing Dawg"
- "Anger Management"
- "Two Down And One To Grow"


Presented in the show's original broadcast ratio of 1.33:1, this full screen transfer was likely generate from the original digital source as a result the image is sharp and crystal clear. I found no issues with pixilation, edge-enhancement or major compression issues (although some very small instances of artefacting). The colors were strongly represented and vivid, blacks are bold but shadow detail is limited mainly due to the flat digital format lacking depth of field. Otherwise this is a fine transfer that will please most viewers.


A single English Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track is included and this is the show's original broadcast audio, being a show that is dialogue heavy with the occasional musical cue there isn't any need for a 5.1 track. After all this is a reality show and the only important thing is that the dialogue is clean and distortion free, which it is.
There are no optional subtitles that appear on this DVD.



The major extra on this disc is featured in the form of "Run's House Family Confidential" clips, these are essentially highlight clips that re-cap episodes but this time the family comment on each episode in short interviews, if you can't be bothered watching the entire episode this is a good 'cliff notes' version, they include:

- "Angela's Graduation" which runs for 6 minutes 38 seconds.
- "Run's Facts Of Life" which runs for 6 minutes 15 seconds.
- "There's No Place Like Home" which runs for 4 minutes 20 seconds.
- "Do Your Best, Forget The Rest" which runs for 7 minutes 50 seconds.
- "The Fruits Of Labor" which runs for 6 minutes 9 seconds.
- "Simmons Family Vacation" which runs for 6 minutes 39 seconds.

Rounding out the extras on this disc is a bonus trailer for:

- "The Hills" promo spot which runs for 2 minutes 54 seconds.


"Run's House Family Confidential" clips continues on this disc for the second season and are basically the same as previous clips as they interview the family about the corresponding episode, also included this season are extended scenes as well as room tours from the house. They include:

- "Baby Fever" runs for 8 minutes 28 seconds, includes extended scene of baby clothes shopping plus Angela's room tour.
- "A Healthy Heart" runs for 8 minutes 3 seconds, includes extended scene of Justine talking about Run's check-up with the doctor.
- "All Work And No Peace" runs for 7 minutes 5 seconds, includes extended scene of the girls giving Jojo tips for success and having a plan for your life. Plus Russell Jr. room tour.
- "Maximum Growth" runs for 8 minutes 46 seconds, includes extended scene of Run buying a new car and Diggy's room tour.
- "Vegas Vacation" runs for 7 minutes 39 seconds, includes extended scene for the girls planning the wedding.


"Run's House Family Confidential" clips also continues on this disc for the second season, these clips include highlights from the episode as well as family interviews about the corresponding episode, also included this season are extended scenes as well as room tours from the house. They include:

- "Rev's Fix It List" runs for 7 minutes 52 seconds, includes extended scene of Jojo and Russell Jr. fooling around with Diggy in his room, plus Vanessa's room tour.
- "Rev Mom" runs for 8 minutes 49 seconds, includes extended scene with the girls at the restaurant and Jojo's room tour.
- "Downward Facing Dawg" runs for 8 minutes 15 seconds, includes extended scene where the girls argue about whose a better rapper and have a rap battle.
- "Anger Management" runs for 9 minutes 9 seconds, includes extended scene the girls talks about Angela's magazine as Jojo lets out a massive fart plus Justine takes us on a tour of the kitchen.
- "Two Down And One To Grow" runs for 10 minutes 41 seconds, includes extended scene of the girls at the pet store plus Run takes us on a tour of the basketball court and home theatre room.

Rounding out the extras are some bonus trailers for:

- "Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up" which runs for 1 minute 56 seconds.
- "Save The Last Dance 2" which runs for 1 minute 21 seconds.
- "The Hills: Season 1" which runs for 2 minutes 39 seconds.


This 3-disc DVD set is packaged in slim line cases housed in a cardboard slip-cover.


The Film: B Video: B Audio: B Extras: B- Overall: B-


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