Duck Dynasty: Season 7 (TV)
R1 - America - Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Review written by and copyright: The Rewind Team (7th June 2015).
The Film

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"The Robertson family is back in business in season 7 with a host of fun-filled family antics and occupational escapades. DUCK DYNASTY heads across the pond when Willie and the crew travel to Scotland. But while on a bus tour to reawaken their Scotish roots, will they uncover more than expected? Jase tries his hand at the Highland Games, while Jep and Jessica are interrupted by Uncle Si during a romantic rendezvous. Back home, Willie kicks into gear as assistant football coach on Lil Wil's team, while Mark Ballas ('Dancing with the Stars') pays a visit to dance partner Sadie gets Willie and Kay out on the dance floor. What happens when Si, Kay, and Phil offer their journalistic expertise as the family takes over a local TV show during a special holiday spectacle? The Christmas love continues when the family lends a helping hand to a longtime Duck Commander employee's mom in need."


The HD video is cleanly rendered at a mid-range bitrate on two dual-layer discs (the combined running time of the episodes and extra content on each disc amounts to just over two hours each) with no glaring compression issues.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 stereo tracks cleanly render dialogue, environmental sounds, and incidental music of this talk-heavy show while optional English SDH (and Spanish) subtitles help with the deliberately twangy accents.


Extras consist of trailers on the first disc and a series of short featurettes (all around one to three minutes) that are more self-contained sketches than deleted scenes or extensions. It is nevertheless interesting to see what the producers deemed not good enough for inclusion.


The artwork is relatively eye-catching while the Eco-case is a bit of an annoyance with one of the discs arriving loose in the box.




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