Warlock III: The End of Innocence (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Warlock: The Armageddon (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
PMMP: The Last Gig AKA PMMP: Viimeinen keikka 27/07/17
Huckleberry Finn (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Tom Sawyer (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Adventures of Milo and Otis (The) AKA Koneko 27/07/17
Boss Baby (Blu-ray 4K) 27/07/17
Boss Baby (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Circle (The) (Blu-ray) 26/07/17
Windows (Blu-ray) 26/07/17
Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Beli 26/07/17
Last of the Finest (The) AKA Blue Heat (Blu-r 26/07/17
Your Name. AKA Kimi no na wa. (Blu-ray 4K) 25/07/17
Your Name. AKA Kimi no na wa. (Blu-ray) 25/07/17
Hell and High Water (Blu-ray) 24/07/17
State Fair (Blu-ray) 24/07/17
Expanse (The): Season 2 (TV) (Blu-ray) 24/07/17
Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker AKA Night War 24/07/17
Unforgettable (Blu-ray) 24/07/17
Colossal (Blu-ray) 24/07/17


Living Death 27/07/17
Gargoyle AKA Gargoyle: Wings of Darkness 27/07/17
Upside Down 27/07/17
Assassins (The) AKA Tong que tai 27/07/17
Dark House 27/07/17
Real Life 27/07/17
Chronesthesia AKA Love and Time Travel 26/07/17
Thin Blue Line (The): Series 1 (TV) 26/07/17
Federal Protection 26/07/17
Maximum Velocity 26/07/17
Occasional Hell (An) 26/07/17
18 Again! 26/07/17
Underworld U.S.A. 26/07/17
Crimson Kimono (The) 26/07/17
Scandal Sheet 26/07/17
Shockproof 26/07/17
Power of the Press 26/07/17
Adventure in Sahara 26/07/17
It Happened in Hollywood 26/07/17
Unstoppable 26/07/17
Diplomatic Siege 25/07/17
XX 25/07/17
Fu bo 25/07/17
Little Polar Bear: The Dream of Flying (The) 25/07/17
Silence AKA Hiljaisuus 25/07/17
Holy Family (The) AKA Pyhä perhe 25/07/17
Reasonable Doubt AKA Crime Scene AKA The Bapt 25/07/17
Mannix: Season 7 (TV) 25/07/17
Mannix: Season 6 (TV) 25/07/17
Criminal 24/07/17


Sid and Nancy AKA Sid & Nancy AKA Sid and Nan 28/07/17
Police Academy: Mission to Moscow (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Warlock (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach (Blu 27/07/17
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (Blu-ray 27/07/17
Police Academy 3: Back in Training (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (Blu 27/07/17
Assassins (The) AKA Tong que tai (Blu-ray) 27/07/17
Hollow Crown (The): The Wars of the Roses (TV 27/07/17
Patriots Day (Blu-ray) 26/07/17
Judgment at Nuremberg AKA Judgement at Nuremb 26/07/17
Future Shock! The Story of 2000 AD (Blu-ray) 26/07/17
Teen Wolf (Blu-ray) 26/07/17
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Se 26/07/17
Slither (Blu-ray) 26/07/17
Unstoppable (Blu-ray) 26/07/17
Savage Streets AKA Zombie Brigade AKA 5 Deadl 25/07/17
Star Crystal (Blu-ray) 25/07/17
Star Slammer AKA Prison Ship AKA The Adventur 25/07/17


Sid and Nancy AKA Sid & Nancy AKA Sid and Nan 28/07/17
Police Academy: Mission To Moscow 27/07/17
Firm (The) AKA Screen Two - The Firm (TV) 27/07/17
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia 27/07/17
Savage Streets AKA Zombie Brigade AKA 5 Deadl 25/07/17
Elina: As If I Wasn't There AKA Elina – Som o 25/07/17
Eyes Without a Face AKA Les yeux sans visage 24/07/17
My Chauffeur 24/07/17
Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves 24/07/17
Private Parts AKA Howard Stern's Private Pa 24/07/17
Ilsa, The Tigress of Siberia AKA Tigress 24/07/17
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks 24/07/17
Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS 24/07/17
Stingray 24/07/17
Cat Returns (The) AKA Neko no ongaeshi 24/07/17
Ocean Waves AKA Umi ga kikoeru (TV) 24/07/17
Whisper of the Heart AKA Mimi wo sumaseba 24/07/17
3rd Rock from the Sun: Season 4 (TV) AKA Thir 23/07/17
Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons 23/07/17
Dawn of the Dead 23/07/17
Fabulous Baron Munchausen (The) AKA Outrageou 23/07/17
Tales from the Darkside: The Movie 23/07/17
Pippi's Adventures on the South Seas AKA Pipp 22/07/17
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (The) 22/07/17
Vamp 22/07/17
Black Eagle 21/07/17
Heat Shimmer Theater AKA Kagerô-za 21/07/17
Yumeji 21/07/17
Zigeunerweisen AKA Tsigoineruwaizen 21/07/17
Night of the Living Dead 21/07/17



Wednesday 26th July 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Close Encounters of the Third Kind (40th Anniversary) (Sony)
- Jess Franco's Killer Barbys (Redemption)
- They Shoot Horses Don't They (Kino)

- Hammer House of Horror: The Complete Series (Network)
- Space 1999: The Complete Series (Network)
- Barb Wire (Mediumrare)

- X-tro (mediabook) ('84 Entertainment)

- The Lodger (Rimini)


Wednesday 12th July 2017 - posted by Samuel

It's milestone time! We have now compared over 120000 releases! Thanks to all team members and contributors :)


Tuesday 11th July 2017 - posted by Samuel

Today is Amazon Prime Day, in which Amazon have loads of bargain for Prime account holders. Click below for the DVD and Blu-ray deals!

United Kingdom





Sunday 25th June 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Amsterdamned (Blue Underground)
- They Call Me Trinity / Trinity is Still My Name (Hen's Tooth)
- Frankenshark (Zebub)

- Kill Baby Kill (Arrow)
- Rollercoaster (101 Films)
- Torn Curtain (Final Cut)

- Oldboy (steelbook) (Capelight)

- The Autopsy of Jane Doe (PFilms)


Sunday 11th June 2017 - posted by Samuel

- The Savage Innocents (Olive Films)
- The Spell (Scream Factory)
- Victims (Slasher Video)

- A Fish Called Wanda (Arrow)
- The Day of the Jackal (Arrow)
- The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh (Shameless)

- Westworld (steelbook) (Warner)

- The 10th Victim (Carlotta Films)


Saturday 3rd June 2017 - posted by Samuel

We are proud to present the latest Rewind feature in which James-Masaki Ryan interviews filmmaker Ross Lipman. Just click HERE to read it!


Sunday 21st May 2017 - posted by Samuel

- The Good the Bad and the Ugly (50th Anniversary) (Kino)
- The Breaking Point (Criterion)
- The Fifth Element (4K) (Sony)

- Castle Keep (Powerhouse)
- Amazon Women on the Moon (101 Films)
- The Mole People (101 Films)

- Kindergarten Cop (WVG Medien)

- Eraserhead (Potemkine)


Sunday 21st May 2017 - posted by Samuel

Please could contributors note that if you submit a correction via the feedback form, we require a legitimate e-mail address we can respond to in case we have a question regarding your correction (more information, source, etc). We will never send you any sort of spam or newsletter and will only contact you in reference to your feedback. Thanks.


Sunday 14th May 2017 - posted by Samuel

- The Slayer (Arrow)
- Freeway (Kino Lorber)
- The Green Berets (Warner)

- Ronin (Arrow)
- Shock Treatment (Arrow)
- For Whom the Bell Tolls (Fabulous Films)

- Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (Alive)

- The Serpent and the Rainbow (Wild Side)


Tuesday 9th May 2017 - posted by Samuel

How about the 20-disc Series 1-7 box set of Minder for what is a ludicrous price? Then click HERE!!!


Saturday 6th May 2017 - posted by Samuel

To celebrate the release of HBO Home Entertainment's Silicon Valley Season 3 and Veep Season 5 on Blu-ray and DVD we have a copy of each to give away on Blu-ray.

To be in with a chance of winning, just send your answer, name, address (no PO Boxes) and e-mail address to with the subject heading HBO BY 13 MAY 2017.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The competition is only open to US & Canadian readers of DVDCompare ( staff and family are not eligible to enter). Only one entry will be accepted per household. If you enter multiple times, none of your entries will count and will be deleted. Your prize will be shipped direct. The competition will close on the date stated above. Any entries received after that date will not count. The winners will be drawn at random and notified by email after the closing date.


Saturday 6th May 2017 - posted by Samuel

Thanks to the kind folk over at Fabulous Films, we have 5 copies of G'ole on DVD signed by composer Rick Wakeman to give away over at our Facebook page!

The World Cup is one of the greatest shows on earth. It’s about football: but it’s also about drama and dreams, passion and heartache, defeat and triumph. G’OLE! captures the highly charged atmosphere of those few weeks in 1982, when the World’s top 24 teams gathered to do battle in Spain. It brings together the best players of all, in the ultimate test. It shows their brilliance, their determination, their disgrace... Distilled into 100 minutes of all out excitement, with the powerful music of Rick Wakeman and stirring commentary by Sean Connery G’OLE! is pure football magic...



Sunday 23rd April 2017 - posted by Samuel

- Re-Animator (Arrow)
- Raw Meat (Blu Underground)
- The Accidental Tourist (Warner)

- The Sinbad Trilogy (Powerhouse Films)
- Creepozoids (88 Films)
- Just Before Dawn (88 Films)

- Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (mediabook) (TT)

- Amadeus (steelbook) (Warner)

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