Last House on Dead End Street (The) AKA The F 26/11/15
Corruption (Blu-ray) 26/11/15
Redirected (Blu-ray) 26/11/15
Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation (Blu-ray) 26/11/15
Scorpio (Blu-ray) 26/11/15
Robber's Roost (Blu-ray) 26/11/15
Twice Told Tales AKA Twice-Told Tales (Blu-ra 26/11/15
Wake Up and Kill AKA Svegliati e uccidi AKA W 26/11/15
Queen of Blood AKA Planet of Blood AKA Planet 26/11/15
Blood Rage AKA Slasher AKA Nightmare at Shado 25/11/15
Myth of the American Sleepover (The) (Blu-ray 25/11/15
Tom & Viv (Blu-ray) 25/11/15
Wilde AKA Oscar Wilde (Blu-ray) 25/11/15
Gunfight at Dodge City (the) AKA Deadly Peace 25/11/15
Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Paradise Lost AKA Paradis perdu AKA Four Flig 24/11/15
Cooties (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Applesauce (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Medic (The) AKA Le toubib (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Wanda Nevada (Blu-ray) 24/11/15


Back Home (TV) 26/11/15
Myth of the American Sleepover (The) 25/11/15
Shaun the Sheep - Season 1 24/11/15
Shaun the Sheep Movie 24/11/15
Perfect Sense 24/11/15
Coup D'Etat AKA Kaigenrei 24/11/15
Heroic Purgatory AKA Rengoku eroica 24/11/15
Eros + Massacre AKA Erosu + gyakusatsu 24/11/15
Night to Dismember (A) 23/11/15
22 23/11/15
I Am Love AKA Io sono l'amore 23/11/15
Nina: Crazy Suicide Girl 23/11/15
Reluctant Dragon (The) 23/11/15
Guidance 22/11/15
Dinner (The) AKA I nostri ragazzi 22/11/15
Child's Christmas in Wales (A) AKA Nadolig Pl 22/11/15
Monkey's Tale (A) AKA Le château des singes 22/11/15
Alleluia 21/11/15
407 Dark Flight AKA Dark Flight 21/11/15
Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great G 20/11/15
Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventu 19/11/15
Living in Oblivion 19/11/15
Seetha & Carole 19/11/15
Ryan's Babe 19/11/15
Downhill Racer 18/11/15
Science Crazed 18/11/15
You Will Love Me AKA The Poltergeist of Borle 18/11/15
Caliber 9 17/11/15
Junk Films: The Collected Short Shockumentari 16/11/15
Once Upon a Time in China IV AKA Wong Fei Hun 16/11/15


Princess Bride (The) (Blu-ray) 26/11/15
Pompeii (Blu-ray) 26/11/15
Honey Pot (The) AKA Anyone for Venice? AKA It 26/11/15
It Follows (Blu-ray) 25/11/15
Cherry 2000 (Blu-ray) 25/11/15
Wind Rises (The) AKA Kaze Tachinu (Blu-ray) 25/11/15
Ponyo AKA Gake No Ue No Ponyo (Blu-ray) 25/11/15
Howl’s Moving Castle AKA Hauru no ugoku shiro 24/11/15
Spirited Away AKA Sen to Chihiro no kamikakus 24/11/15
Princess Mononoke AKA Mononoke hime (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Porco Rosso AKA Kurenai no buta (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Kiki's Delivery Service AKA Majo no takkyûbin 24/11/15
My Neighbor Totoro AKA My Neighbour Totoro AK 24/11/15
Castle in the Sky AKA Tenkū no shiro Rap 24/11/15
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind AKA Kaze n 24/11/15
Castle of Cagliostro (The) AKA Lupin the Thir 24/11/15
Deadly Prey (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Caligula AKA Caligula, My Son (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Inside Out (Blu-ray) 24/11/15
Book of Life (The) (Blu-ray) 23/11/15


Triplets of Belleville (The) AKA Les Triplett 25/11/15
Drive In Massacre 24/11/15
Kikujiro AKA Kikujirô no natsu 23/11/15
Fallen Idol (The) AKA Lost Illusion (The) 22/11/15
Reason To Live, A Reason To Die (A) AKA Una R 22/11/15
Beyond Re-Animator 21/11/15
Enigma Rosso AKA AKA Virgin Killer AKA Trauma 20/11/15
All My Compatriots AKA Vsichni dobrí rodáci A 20/11/15
Mala Mala 20/11/15
Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventu 20/11/15
Flavor of Green Tea Over Rice AKA Flavour of 20/11/15
Small Back Room (The) AKA Hour of Glory 19/11/15
Inga AKA Jag - en oskuld 19/11/15
Living Dead Girl (The) AKA La Morte vivante 19/11/15
Pornographers (The) AKA Amorists (The) AKA Ji 19/11/15
Rome, Open City AKA Roma, città aperta 19/11/15
My Darling Clementine 19/11/15
Downhill Racer 19/11/15
Bowfinger 18/11/15
Cutter (The) 18/11/15
Mad Dog Time AKA Trigger Happy 18/11/15
Best Worst Movie: The Story Behind Troll 2 18/11/15
Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor 17/11/15
Escape From Hell AKA Femmine Infernali AKA Es 17/11/15
I'm for the Hippopotamus AKA Io sto con gli i 16/11/15
Voyeur (The) AKA L'uomo che guarda 16/11/15
City of the Dead (The) AKA Horror Hotel 16/11/15
I Sell the Dead 16/11/15
Casshern 16/11/15
Dead Zone (The) 15/11/15



Wednesday 25th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

Don't forget that this week is Black Friday week at Amazon! Follow the below links to reach the deals and to help support Rewind.

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Amazon Germany

Amazon France

Amazon Canada


Saturday 21st November 2015 - posted by Samuel

Today we surpassed the 95000 releases compared mark which I'm sure you'll all agree is a huge milestone, and brings us within touching distance of the big 100k. Thanks to all our users, contributors, and team members for their hard work and continued support!


Wednesday 18th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

- The Curse / The Curse II (Scream Factory)
- The Graduate (Criterion)
- Millennium / ROTOR (Scream Factory)

- Bloody Moon (Severin)
- The Playboys (101 Films)
- Steve Jobs (Universal)

- When Marnie Was There (mediabook) (Universum)

- Spectre (steelbook) (Sony)


Wednesday 18th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

On Amazon USA you can currently get the 21 disc, 262 episode, 11 season box set of Married for Children for less than the price of a new release!


Tuesday 17th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

For ten days, Amazon UK are running what they are calling their Biggest Ever Deals Event. Starting at midnight tonight, there will be new deals every ten minutes. For quick and easy access to just the DVD and Blu-ray bargains, simply click this link.


Monday 16th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

- The Giant Spider Invasion (VCI)
- American Horror Project: Volume 1 (Arrow)
- Dick Tracy (Disney)

- Exterminator II (101 Films)
- Drive In Massacre (88 Films)
- The Ninja Trilogy (Eureka)

- Brides of Dracula (Eyecatcher)

- Woman in Gold (M6 Video)


Friday 13th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

We have added the new trailer for Sunset Song on to our Youtube channel. You can view the trailer HERE.


Thursday 12th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

Amazon USA currently has 73% off The Sopranos: Complete Blu-ray set today only. They also have a Cartoon Complete Series deal on right now.

Amazon UK currently have 2 Blu-rays for £10, 3 Blu-rays for £20, and 3 Box Sets for £24.

Amazon Germany are flogging 10 Blu-rays for 50 Euros.

Lastly, Amazon France are giving a 50 Euro discount on a 100 Euro spend.


Thursday 12th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

We have three copies of The Legend of Barney Thomson on DVD from Icon Home Entertainment to give away via three different entry systems.

The film follows Barney Thomson, a barber working in the East End of Glasgow who unwittingly becomes a serial killer. When a heated argument with his boss results in an accidental death, Barney turns to his bingo-loving mother Cemolina for help. Can Barney outsmart the police and avoid suspicion while disposing of the body?

To win copy 1 - To enter the competition, simply send an email to with the subject heading BARNEY and your full name and postal address (no PO Boxes) BY 16th NOVEMBER 2015.

To win copy 2 - Simply follow us on Twitter, and retweet THIS tweet.

To win copy 3 - Like, reply to, and share the competition on our FACEBOOK page.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The competition is only open to UK readers of DVDCompare ( staff and family are not eligible to enter). Only one entry will be accepted per person. If you enter multiple times, none of your entries will count and will be deleted. Your prize will be shipped direct. The competition will close on the date stated above. Any entries received after that date will not count. The winners will be drawn at random and notified by email after the closing date.



Tuesday 10th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the UK release of DEADLY TARGET, available digitally and on DVD from 16th November 2015. To celebrate the release, we have five copies of the DVD to give away!

When Special Operative James Webster (Michael Jai White, The Dark Knight, Blood and Bone) returns home from duty to find his brother brutally murdered, his lethal training immediately kicks in. Fuelled by rage and a burning need to avenge his brother, he sets out to hunt down the perpetrators and nothing is going to stand in his way… 

As he delves deeper to identify the murderers, he finds himself at the centre of a deadly conspiracy and a secret world of corruption; one which cuts deep inside the U.S. Government, reaching the very highest levels of command.

With a ruthless military assassin (Steve Austin, The Expendables) hot on his trail, Webster must expose the corrupt high-ranking officials before he becomes another victim to the very plot which killed his brother.

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of the DVD, just answer this question: Michael Jai White played which heavy weight boxer in a 1995 HBO film?

a) Mike Tyson
b) Muhammad Ali
c) Evander Holyfield

To enter the competition, simply send an email with your answer to with the subject heading DEADLY and your full name and postal address (no PO Boxes) BY 15 NOVEMBER 2015.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The competition is only open to UK readers of DVDCompare ( staff and family are not eligible to enter). Only one entry will be accepted per person. If you enter multiple times, none of your entries will count and will be deleted. Your prize will be shipped direct. The competition will close on the date stated above. Any entries received after that date will not count. The winners will be drawn at random and notified by email after the closing date.



Saturday 7th November 2015 - posted by Samuel

- American Horror Project: Volume I
- Sheba, Baby
- Audition (steelbook)
- Audition (keep case)
- Five Dolls for an August Moon
- Hellraiser Trilogy
- Koyaanisqatsi
- Powaqqatsi

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