Late for Dinner (Blu-ray) 29/03/15
Jesus Christ Superstar AKA Andrew Lloyd Webbe 29/03/15
Solomon and Sheba (Blu-ray) 29/03/15
Class of 1984 (Blu-ray) 29/03/15
Imitation of Life (Blu-ray) 29/03/15
Imitation of Life (Blu-ray) 29/03/15
Wild (Blu-ray) 29/03/15
Aurora Borealis (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Wild Bill (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Paddington (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Patrick AKA Patrick: Evil Awakens (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Mommy (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Eiger Sanction (The) (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Beguiled (The) (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Play Misty for Me (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Run Sister Run! AKA Sisko tahtoisin jäädä (Bl 27/03/15
Eddie and the Cruisers II: Eddie Lives! (Blu- 27/03/15
Eddie and the Cruisers (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Song of the Sea (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Ghoulies II (Blu-ray) 27/03/15


Savage Sam 29/03/15
Class (The): Life After AKA Klass: Elu pärast 28/03/15
Wildflowers 28/03/15
Waterborne 28/03/15
American Dragon AKA Hu xue tu long zhi hong t 28/03/15
Millionaire Dogs AKA Hot Dogs: Wau - wir sind 28/03/15
Flipping 28/03/15
Cold Souls 28/03/15
Book of Negroes (The) (TV) 28/03/15
Malibu's Most Wanted 28/03/15
Manhunt (The) AKA Cane arrabbiato AKA Man Hun 28/03/15
Salvation Army AKA L'armée du salut 28/03/15
Gone with the Pope 28/03/15
Come See the Paradise 27/03/15
Better Angels (The) 27/03/15
Talking Head 27/03/15
Stray Dog: Kerberos Panzer Cops AKA Jigoku no 27/03/15
Red Spectacles (The) AKA Jigoku no banken: ak 27/03/15
Joy of Sex Education (The) AKA Birds and the 27/03/15
Classic Educational Shorts Volume 6: Troubled 27/03/15
Classic Educational Shorts Volume 5: Rules fo 27/03/15
Classic Educational Shorts Volume 4: The Cell 27/03/15
Classic Educational Shorts Volume 3: Safe... 27/03/15
Classic Educational Shorts Volume 2: How to B 27/03/15
Classic Educational Shorts Volume 1: How to B 27/03/15
An Act of War 27/03/15
Fantail 27/03/15
The Jam: The Complete Jam on Film 27/03/15
Coldplay: Live 2003 27/03/15
The Horror at 37,000 Feet (TV) 26/03/15


Heat (Blu-ray) 29/03/15
Boogey Man (The) AKA The Bogey Man (Blu-ray) 29/03/15
See No Evil (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Captive (The) (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
They Live (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Look of Love (The) (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Lonely Place to Die (A) (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
36 AKA 36 Quai des Orfèvres AKA 36th Precinct 28/03/15
Winter in Wartime AKA Oorlogswinter (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Breaking Bad: Season 4 (TV) (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Breaking Bad: Season 3 (TV) (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Dracula 2000 AKA Dracula 2001 AKA Wes Craven 28/03/15
Gone with the Pope (Blu-ray) 28/03/15
Desperado (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
El Mariachi (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Sessions (The) (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Blob (The) (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Hercules (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Penguins of Madagascar (Blu-ray) 27/03/15
Escape from New York (Blu-ray) 27/03/15


Old Yeller 29/03/15
Class (The): Life After AKA Klass: Elu pärast 29/03/15
She Cried No AKA Freshman Fall 28/03/15
Come See the Paradise 28/03/15
American Beauty 27/03/15
Lipstick 27/03/15
Ju-On: The Grudge 2 AKA Juon 2 Gekijoban 27/03/15
Ju-On: The Grudge AKA Grudge (The) 27/03/15
Werewolf Woman AKA La Lupa mannara AKA The Le 27/03/15
First Men in the Moon AKA H.G. Well's First M 27/03/15
U Turn 27/03/15
Boogeyman (The) AKA The Bogey Man 27/03/15
Vanilla Sky 26/03/15
Cure (The) - Greatest Hits 26/03/15
Sayonara Jupiter AKA Sayonara Jupitâ 26/03/15
If You Don't, I Will AKA Arrête ou je continu 25/03/15
Pictures of the Old World AKA Obrazy starého 25/03/15
Fast Company 25/03/15
Aeon Flux AKA Æon Flux 25/03/15
Ghost Game AKA Laa-thaa-phii 25/03/15
Akira 25/03/15
Offence (The) 25/03/15
Coffy 24/03/15
Odd Man Out AKA Gang War 24/03/15
Game of Death AKA Bruce Lee's Game of Death 24/03/15
Count Arthur Strong: The Man Behind The Smile 24/03/15
Hunger Games (The): Mockingjay - Part 1 (The) 24/03/15
Game of Death II AKA Si wang ta AKA Tower of 23/03/15
Charley Varrick AKA Kill Charley Varrick 23/03/15
Other Boleyn Girl (The) (TV) 23/03/15



Saturday 28th March 2015 - posted by Samuel

Amazon UK currently have the Danny Trejo movie of Bullet (Blu-ray) and [REC] remake Quarantine for less than the price of a cup of coffee.


Saturday 28th March 2015 - posted by Samuel

Here are the highlights of Tuesday's new releases in America:
- The Lucio Fulci Collection
- Hoop Dreams
- The Dario Argento Collection
- Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold
- Gravity (Diamond Luxe)
- Wild Card
- Meet the Mormons
- The Quiet Gun
- Night Game


Saturday 28th March 2015 - posted by Samuel

Here are the highlights of Monday's new releases:
- Day of Anger
- Darling
- Wooden Crosses
- Interstellar
- The Professionals: MKIII
- Horrible Bosses 2
- Sweet Smell of Success
- Katatonia: Sanctitude
- Top Gear: The Patagonia Special


Friday 27th March 2015 - posted by Samuel

We now have a Youtube channel! We kick things off with a trailer for Up All Night. Subscribe to our channel for more trailers, and hopefully some FAQs and discussions about DVDs and Blu-rays in the future!

Do you want to submit a video showing off your collection, or talking about certain aspects of your collection? Maybe you want to film an unboxing or do a video review for us? Maybe you are an independent filmmaker and would like us to post your trailer or short film? If so, send us your videos to and we will upload them if deemed appropriate!


Thursday 26th March 2015 - posted by Samuel

Thanks to all those who took part in our survey. It was an excellent opportunity to hear from you all what you think we are doing right, and what you think we are doing wrong, and how to improve in several instances. The team are going through all the responses now, so hopefully next week we will have a full post for you about what we think we can do! In the meantime, a couple of points did come up that some may not know about.

Several people wanted direct links to Amazon, and cover art. If you use adblock, you need to turn it off for this site, and then you'll see Amazon's covers and live prices show up next to over a thousand comparisons currently, though this is a work in progress. By buying via these links, you also help support this site, and pay for the hosting, as well as the costs associated with posting prizes and the non-sponsored competitions we run etc!

As a few of you have seen, we have been hacked several times this year, bringing down the site for several hours at times. We have already enlisted a new Techie, Ulrich, who has kindly donated his time to making some site security improvements, and we have had no issues since he joined.

Thanks again folks, and remember, you can always ask us anything in our forum!


Thursday 26th March 2015 - posted by Samuel

Amazon USA are currently running a sale to help you relive your childhood on the cheap. That's right, up to 73% off Flintstones Box Sets.


Monday 23rd March 2015 - posted by Samuel

We have two copies of The Device on DVD from Image Entertainment to give away.

When two sisters find a harmless looking object in the woods, they cannot know what to what extent it will change their world – and ours – forever. The small, black sphere – mysterious, seductive, enticing – conveys a message, a deep profound biological message that will reshape our world, recasting relationships with the universe beyond our wildest dreams and worst nightmares. It holds the key to our destiny. It holds the secret to a new kind of life. It holds the embryo of a plan of alien invasion. It is so much more than just The Device.

There are two ways to enter, and we are giving away a copy for each entry route. The first way, is to simply send an email to with the subject heading DEVICE and your full name and postal address (no PO Boxes) BY 29 MARCH 2015.

To win copy #2, simply follow us, and @ImageEntUK on Twitter, and retweet THIS tweet.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The competition is only open to UK readers of DVDCompare ( staff and family are not eligible to enter). Only one entry will be accepted per person. If you enter multiple times, none of your entries will count and will be deleted. Your prize will be shipped direct. The competition will close on the date stated above. Any entries received after that date will not count. The winners will be drawn at random and notified by email after the closing date.



Saturday 21st March 2015 - posted by Samuel

Here are the highlights of Tuesday's new releases in America:
- The Beyond (3-disc)
- Blind Woman's Curse
- The Thin Blue Line
- The Roommates / A Woman for All Men
- The Hobbit: The ... [More]

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