Man in a Suitcase (TV) (Blu-ray) 21/05/19
Holocaust 2000 AKA Chosen (The) AKA Rain of F 21/05/19
Portrait in Black (Blu-ray) 21/05/19
Lifechanger (Blu-ray) 20/05/19
Dragon Ball Super: Broly AKA Doragon bôru Sűp 20/05/19
Cold Pursuit (Blu-ray 4K) 19/05/19
Cold Pursuit (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Shaft in Africa (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Shaft's Big Score (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Running Man (The) (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Double Face AKA A doppia faccia AKA Das Gesic 19/05/19
Trapped Alive AKA Trapped AKA Forever Mine (B 19/05/19
Annihilators, The (Blu-ray) 18/05/19
Life of Jesus (The) AKA La Vie de Jésus (Blu- 18/05/19
Returned (The): Season 2 AKA Les Revenants (T 18/05/19
Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron (TV) (Blu-ra 18/05/19
Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms (TV) (Blu-r 18/05/19
Mighty Joe Young AKA Mighty Joe (Blu-ray) 17/05/19
War and Peace AKA Vojna I Mir (Blu-ray) 17/05/19
Humanité (L') (Blu-ray) 17/05/19


Double Face AKA A doppia faccia AKA Das Gesic 19/05/19
Foreigner (The) 19/05/19
Darkland AKA Underverden 18/05/19
Humanité (L') 17/05/19
27 Club (The) 17/05/19
Island Fury AKA Please Don't Eat the Babies 13/05/19
Barracuda AKA Barracuda (The Lucifer Project) 13/05/19
Bonneville 12/05/19
Laggies AKA Say When 12/05/19
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot 12/05/19
Records Collecting Dust 11/05/19
Chasing the Dragon AKA Chui lung 11/05/19
Nigel Marven's Killer Whale Islands (TV) 11/05/19
Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust AKA Baburu e go! 10/05/19
Bedroom Window (The) 10/05/19
Dead 2: India (The) AKA Dead 2 (The) 09/05/19
Death Train AKA Im Auftrag des Vatikans 09/05/19
Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman 09/05/19
Nine Lives 08/05/19
Paper Towns 08/05/19
Girl on the Train (The) 08/05/19
Flatliners 08/05/19
Eddie the Eagle 08/05/19
Bag Man (The) AKA The Carrier 08/05/19
Speckles: The Tarbosaurus AKA Jeom-bak-i: Han 08/05/19
Storage Wars: Season 1 (TV) 08/05/19
History's Raiders: Royal Swordfish Take Taran 08/05/19
History's Raiders: Desert Raiders AKA Greates 08/05/19
History's Raiders: The Sinking of the Tirpitz 08/05/19
Beautiful Thing 08/05/19


Madame X (Blu-ray) 21/05/19
Grand Duel (The) AKA Il Grande duello AKA The 21/05/19
Café de Flore (Blu-ray) 20/05/19
For the Love of Money (Blu-ray) 20/05/19
Farewell AKA L'affaire Farewell (Blu-ray) 20/05/19
Deliverance (Blu-ray) 20/05/19
Smokey and the Bandit 2 AKA Smokey and the Ba 20/05/19
Smokey and the Bandit 3 (Blu-ray) 20/05/19
Mortuary (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Barquero (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
When a Stranger Calls Back (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Andromeda Strain (The) (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot (T 19/05/19
Italian Job (The) (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Mad Dog and Glory (Blu-ray) 19/05/19
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Blu-ray 4K) 18/05/19
Rise of the Planet of the Apes (Blu-ray) 18/05/19
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Blu-ray) 18/05/19
Forrest Gump (Blu-ray 4K) 18/05/19
Forrest Gump (Blu-ray) 18/05/19


Ninja III: The Domination 21/05/19
Exterminator 2 21/05/19
Invasion U.S.A. 21/05/19
Cyborg 21/05/19
Braddock: Missing in Action III 21/05/19
Missing in Action 2: The Beginning 21/05/19
Missing in Action 21/05/19
Death Wish II AKA Death Wish 2 21/05/19
Man in a Suitcase (TV) 21/05/19
Due South: Season 1 21/05/19
Due South: Season 2 21/05/19
Due South: Season 4 21/05/19
Due South: Season 3 21/05/19
Cheers: Season 8 (TV) 20/05/19
Terminator (The) 20/05/19
None But the Brave AKA Yusha nomi 19/05/19
Starship Troopers 19/05/19
Born to the West AKA Hell Town 19/05/19
Mad Dog and Glory 19/05/19
Flesh Gordon 19/05/19
Flesh Gordon 2 AKA Flesh Gordon Meets The C 19/05/19
Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues 19/05/19
Pearl Harbor 18/05/19
Bean AKA Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie AK 18/05/19
Hellboy II: The Golden Army 18/05/19
Life of Jesus (The) AKA La Vie de Jésus 18/05/19
Proposition (The) 18/05/19
Land of Mine AKA Under sandet 17/05/19
Man from Del Rio 16/05/19
Space: 1999: Series 2 (TV) 16/05/19



Wednesday 15th May 2019 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Susan and her daughters Sandra, Olga, and Julie are sexual "vampires" who drain men dry in more ways than one. While a crazy neighbor woman is the focus of investigation, young craftsman Anton discovers the pleasurable and deadly truth when he stays on Susan's farm and in all four beds. Directed by "Dutch Sex Wave" auteur Pim de la Parra (Obsessions, Frank & Eva) from a screenplay co-written by Daughters of Darkness ' Harry Kümel, masterfully shot in Techniscope by Marc Felperlaan (The Lift), and featuring the last score of composer Elizabeth Lutyens (Dr. Terror's House of Horrors).

Order from Amazon or with limited slipcover directly from Cult Epics Also available from Cult Epics:


Wednesday 15th May 2019 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Laura Gemser is globe-trotting sexpot fashion photographer/serious photojournalist Emanuelle who takes her spy camera into a gunrunner's secret harem, the orgies of an aristocratic Venetian art smuggler, a Caribbean club where studs are made available for single ladies, and a D.C. senator with a taste for snuff films. Gemser's husband Gabriele Tinti co-stars along with Eurocult sexploitation favorites Paola Senatore, Lorraine de Selle, and notorious Italian porn star Marina Hedman. Directed by Joe "Anthropophagus" D'Amato.
Mondo Macabro's limited edition redcase Blu-ray of 1,500 copies includes:

Available directly from Mondo Macabro's Big Cartel website (standard edition planned but not yet announced).


Friday 3rd May 2019 - posted by James

Eureka Entertainment has announced three new titles in their Masters of Cinema series with "Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" (Robert Altman, 1982), "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (1945, Elia Kazan), and "Coming Home" (1978, Hal Ashby), as well as one title in their Eureka Classics line with "The Cockleshell Heroes" (1955, José Ferrer). Full specs can be found at the Eureka Entertainment official site. Preorder UK links are available below.
- "Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean" (Blu-ray+DVD)
- "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" (Blu-ray+DVD)
- "Coming Home" (Blu-ray+DVD)
- "The Cockleshell Heroes" (Blu-ray)


Friday 3rd May 2019 - posted by James

Powerhouse Films have announced their July releases with "The Legacy" (Richard Marquand, 1978) and "Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J. Warren" which includes "Satan's Slave" (1976), "Prey" (1977), "Terror" (1978), "Inseminoid" (1981), and "Bloody New Year" (1987). Full specs and pre-orders are currently up at the Powerhouse Films site. Pre-order at Amazon UK from the links below!
- "The Legacy"
- "Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J Warren, 1976-1987"


Friday 3rd May 2019 - posted by James

Lionsgate will issue Francis Ford Coppola's "Apocalypse Now" as a 4 disc UHD+3xBlu-ray set in August 2019, debuting the all new "Final Cut", and also including the original theatrical cut and extended "Redux" cut, all restored from the original negative for the first time. Previously released extras such as commentaries and the feature length "Hearts of Darkness" documentary will be included as well as new extras.


Thursday 2nd May 2019 - posted by James

After years of delays, "Mr. No Legs", also known as "Killers Die Hard" will receive its Blu-ray debut from Massacre Video in June 2019. Directed by the co-creator of "Flipper" Ricou Browning and starring Ted Vollrath, the late double amputee who became a karate Grand Master, it's as bizarre as exploitation gets.


Monday 15th April 2019 - posted by James

The Criterion Collection has announced their July 2019 titles, which include four new titles on Blu-ray and DVD - "Klute" (1971), "The Baker's Wife" (1938), "1984" (1984), and "Europa Europa" (1990), as well as reissues on DVD and upgrades to Blu-ray for "Do the Right Thing" (1989), and "The BRD Trilogy" ("The Marriage of Maria Braun"/"Veronica Voss"/"Lola"). Pre-order Amazon links are are available down below and specs for each can be found on the official Criterion site.
- "Klute" (Blu-ray)
- "Klute" (DVD)
- "The Baker's Wife" (Blu-ray)
- "The Baker's Wife" (DVD)
- "1984" (Blu-ray)
- "1984" (DVD)
- "Europa Europa" (Blu-ray)
- "Europa Europa" (DVD)
- "Do the Right Thing" (Blu-ray)
- "Do the Right Thing (DVD)
- "The BRD Trilogy" (Blu-ray)


Saturday 6th April 2019 - posted by James

Eureka Entertainment UK has announced their June 2019 Blu-ray releases. "Last Hurrah for Chivalry" (1979), "Hand of Death" (1976), "The Holy Mountain" (1926), and "Under Fire" (1983). Preorder from the Amazon links below!
- "Last Hurrah For Chivalry" & "Hand of Death" Two Films By John Woo (Blu-ray)
- "The Holy Mountain" (Blu-ray)
- "Under Fire" (1983)


Thursday 21st March 2019 - posted by James

Two titles from Arrow Academy have been announced for Blu-ray for June 2019. "Nightfall" (1956), directed by Jacques Tourneur and starring Aldo Ray and Anne Bancroft (available June 3rd in the UK, June 4th in the US), plus "The Running Man" (1963), directed by Carol Reed and starring Laurence Harvey and Lee Remick (available June 17th in the UK, June 18th in the US). Pre-order from the Amazon UK links below.
- "Nightfall"
- "The Running Man"


Wednesday 20th February 2019 - posted by James

The highly acclaimed animated "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse" will come to the home video market on March 19 2019 in the United States from Sony Pictures. Pre-order at Amazon from the links below!
- Blu-ray+DVD
- 4K UHD+Blu-ray

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