Deathrow Gameshow (Blu-ray) 26/10/16
Hobgoblins (Blu-ray) 26/10/16
Second Name AKA El Segundo Nombre (Blu-ray) 26/10/16
Deepsea Challenge 3D AKA James Cameron’s Deep 26/10/16
Star Trek Beyond (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Iceman (The) (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Primitive (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Cake Eaters (The) (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
One Million Years B.C. (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Ice Twisters AKA Ice Twister (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Deadly Embrace (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Murder Weapon (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Nightmare Sisters AKA Sorority Succubus Siste 25/10/16
Alternative Reality (An): The Football Manage 25/10/16
Boys in Company C (The) (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Celebrity Juice: Too Juicy for TV! 2 (TV) (Bl 24/10/16
For the Boys (Blu-ray) 24/10/16
Tower Heist (Blu-ray) 24/10/16
Tekken (Blu-ray) 24/10/16
Bill Collector (The) (Blu-ray) 24/10/16


Hobgoblins 26/10/16
Air Strike 26/10/16
#actorswanted AKA Actors Wanted AKA Opus 26/10/16
Rab C. Nesbitt: Series 3 (TV) 26/10/16
Six Dates with Barker: Series 1 (TV) 26/10/16
Hours Till Daylight (The) 26/10/16
Mystery AKA Fu cheng mi shi 25/10/16
Talk of a Million 25/10/16
Assassination of a High School President AKA 25/10/16
Ejecta 25/10/16
In Love and War (TV) 25/10/16
Deadly Embrace 25/10/16
Murder Weapon 25/10/16
Nightmare Sisters AKA Sorority Succubus Siste 25/10/16
On the Edge 25/10/16
Boys in Company C (The) 25/10/16
Operation Delta Force 5: Random Fire 24/10/16
Operation Delta Force 4: Deep Fault 24/10/16
Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks 2 24/10/16
Primal Scream: Dirty Hits 24/10/16
Primal Scream: Evil Heat 24/10/16
Bathory: Countess of Blood 24/10/16
House of the Witchdoctor 24/10/16
Tidal Wave AKA Haeundae AKA Haeundae: The Dea 23/10/16
Ninja Scroll: The Series AKA Jûbei ninpûchô: 23/10/16
Two Missionaries (The) AKA Porgi l'altra guan 23/10/16
Olympus Has Fallen 23/10/16
Transporter Refueled (The) 23/10/16
Black Sea 23/10/16
Prince Regent: The Complete Series (Mini Seri 23/10/16


Martha Marcy May Marlene (Blu-ray) 26/10/16
Monuments Men (The) (Blu-ray) 26/10/16
Scream Blacula Scream (Blu-ray) 26/10/16
Blacula (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Mask (The) (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Lord of Illusions AKA Clive Barker's Lord of 25/10/16
Cloud Atlas (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Nothing Like the Holidays (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Jack and Jill (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
71: Into the Fire AKA Pohwasogeuro (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
Blood Feast AKA Egyptian Blood Feast AKA Feas 25/10/16
Punisher (The) (Blu-ray) 25/10/16
King of Pigs (The) AKA Dwae-ji-ui wang (Blu-r 24/10/16
All the King's Men (Blu-ray) 24/10/16
From Noon Till Three (Blu-ray) 24/10/16
Twilight's Last Gleaming AKA Nuclear Countdow 24/10/16
Skeleton Twins (The) (Blu-ray) 24/10/16
Ratatouille (Blu-ray) 24/10/16
Night of the Grizzly (The) (Blu-ray) 24/10/16
My Darling Clementine (Blu-ray) 24/10/16


Deathrow Gameshow 26/10/16
Dororo 26/10/16
Cabin in the Woods (The) 26/10/16
Second Name AKA El Segundo Nombre 26/10/16
Mrs Merton and Malcolm: Series 1 (TV) 26/10/16
House of the Witchdoctor 26/10/16
Justice Game (The): Series 2 (TV) 26/10/16
Justice Game (The): Series 1 (TV) 26/10/16
Kind Words (The) AKA Les mots justes AKA De d 26/10/16
Apostate (The) AKA El apóstata 26/10/16
Resistance (TV) 26/10/16
Zoolander 2 AKA Zoolander No. 2 25/10/16
One Million Years B.C. 25/10/16
Open Graves 25/10/16
Quest (The) 25/10/16
Team America: World Police 25/10/16
Stalingrad 25/10/16
Crow (The): Wicked Prayer 25/10/16
84 Charing Cross Road 25/10/16
Blood Feast AKA Egyptian Blood Feast AKA Fe 25/10/16
Dead and the Damned (The) AKA Cowboys & Zombi 24/10/16
For the Boys 24/10/16
Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood 24/10/16
Tenacious D: The Complete Masterworks 24/10/16
Casablanca Express 24/10/16
Highlander 23/10/16
Serenity 23/10/16
Circle of Danger 22/10/16
Whale Rider 22/10/16
Pieces AKA Mil gritos tiene la noche AKA One 22/10/16



Tuesday 25th October 2016 - posted by Samuel

Keep track on our Facebook page for all the latest news from the Tokyo International Film Festival. Rewind team member James-Masaki Ryan is there, and will be posting updates as time allows!


Tuesday 25th October 2016 - posted by Samuel

We have now reached an amazing 110000 releases compared! Thanks to all contributors, users and team members for adding to the continued success of Rewind!


Wednesday 19th October 2016 - posted by Samuel

- Porky's II / Porky's Revenge (Kino Lorber)
- His Girl Friday (Criterion)
- Underworld 4K (Sony)

- Shocker (Studio Canal)
- The Hammer Collection (Final Cut)
- The Royal Tenenbaums (Criterion)

- What Have They Done to Your Daughters? (Limited to 2000) (Camera Obscura)

- Rumble Fish (digipak) (Wild Side)


Monday 17th October 2016 - posted by Samuel

Congratulations to Darren Douglas from Liverpool who has won a copy of The A-Team: The Complete Series on Blu-ray courtesy of Fabulous Films.

Unfortunately, this competition has lead us to change our rules for all future giveaways. From now on, we will accept only one entry per household due to people entering multiple times with different first names (and we don't mean 4 or 5) in what we deem an unfair attempt at increasing their chances. Distributors provide these prizes at a reasonable cost to themselves (this prize was worth £150), and it is unfair to both them, and other users who enter our competitions, to allow such tactics for the sake of a Blu-ray. Thanks to all our users, and all entrants. We will have plenty more competitions in the immediate future!


Sunday 16th October 2016 - posted by Samuel

You can currently purchase the limited edition release of My Darling Clementine for £5.99 HERE at Amazon! This release also comes packaged with Frontier Marshal.


Monday 10th October 2016 - posted by Samuel

We don't normally post bargains that are not DVD's or Blu-rays but we couldn't resist sharing this one. You can currently pre-order the The Complete Book of Gerry Anderson's UFO: Revised and Expanded Hardbook for just £6.99, reduced from £29.99! Be quick!


Sunday 9th October 2016 - posted by Samuel

To celebrate the Blu-ray release of The A-Team: The Complete Series, Fabulous Films have kindly provided us with a copy to give away.

Sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit, these four commandos escaped from a maximum-security stockade and now survive in the Los Angeles underground as soldiers of fortune. Join B.A, Hannibal, Murdock and Face in all 97 episodes from all 5 seasons of this groundbreaking show, now fully restored and in hi-definition… in this action-packed 22-disc Blu-ray set!

To be in with a chance of winning, just send your name, address and e-mail address to with the subject heading FABULOUS and your full name and postal address (no PO Boxes) BY 16 OCTOBER 2016.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: The competition is only open to UK readers of DVDCompare ( staff and family are not eligible to enter). Only one entry will be accepted per person. If you enter multiple times, none of your entries will count and will be deleted. Your prize will be shipped direct. The competition will close on the date stated above. Any entries received after that date will not count. The winners will be drawn at random and notified by email after the closing date.



Thursday 29th September 2016 - posted by Samuel

- Doomwatch (Kino Lorber)
- Stewardesses 3D (Redemption)
- Bikini Warriors (FUNimation)

- Seven Deaths in the Cat's Eye (88 Films)
- Roxanne (Eureka)
- Knight Rider: Complete Series (Fabulous Films)

- Silent Trigger (Limited Mediabook) (Inked Pictures)

- The Burning (Rimini)


Sunday 25th September 2016 - posted by Samuel

You can currently get the X-Files: Complete Blu-ray Set at a very low £79.99 at Amazon!


Monday 19th September 2016 - posted by Samuel

Last week we had the opportunity to ask Edith Bowman a few questions about her new podcast, Soundtracking. The podcast interviews various directors about the music in their films, and is great to listen to in the car! Read our interview HERE.


Wednesday 7th September 2016 - posted by Samuel

- The Battle of the Sexes (Kino Lorber)
- Prince: The Movie Collection (Warner)
- Sacrifice AKA Deep River Savages (Raro)

- Mad Dog Killer (88 Films)
- Christine (Powerhouse)
- Body Double (Powerhouse)

- Trapped (Limited Edition of 1000) (Schroder Media)

- Yojimbo (digibook) (Wild Side)


Thursday 1st September 2016 - posted by Samuel

Please note we are still waiting to hear back from a couple of people with regards to submitted corrections. If we have not updated the relevant comparison or you have not had contact with us with regards to a submitted correction, please check your spam folders! Thanks all!


Monday 29th August 2016 - posted by Samuel

There are currently some cracking bargains at Amazon UK for box sets:
- Clint Eastwood Blu-ray Collection for the price of a steak dinner
- Battlestar Galactica: Complete Blu-ray Collection for a little over a quid a disc
- Frasier: Complete DVD Collection for under £2 a season
- Dexter: Seasons 1-8 DVD Collection for under £3 a season


Wednesday 17th August 2016 - posted by Samuel

Our interview with Fabulous Films has now taken place, and you can read it in full HERE. Don't forget to check out our earlier features by clicking on the features tab above!


Wednesday 17th August 2016 - posted by Samuel

We've uploaded the trailer for the 25th Anniversary DVD/Blu-ray of The Commitments to our Youtube channel. You can view the trailer HERE.


Tuesday 16th August 2016 - posted by Samuel

Amazon USA currently have a nice sale where you can pick up 3 Blu-rays for $19.99. Offer applies once per account only and is available for a limited time.


Friday 12th August 2016 - posted by Samuel

- Waxwork I+II (Lions Gate)
- Violent Cop (Film Movement)
- Hamburger Hill (Lions Gate)

- The Man Who Fell to Earth (Studio Canal)
- Prison (88 Films)
- Frogs (88 Films)

- Star Trek Beyond (Limited Edition with Spaceship) (Paramount)

- Suicide Squad 3D (with Harley Quinn statue) (Warner)


Wednesday 10th August 2016 - posted by Samuel

Calling all Trekkies! Amazon UK currently have the Enterprise: The Full Journey Seasons 1-4 Blu-ray) set for an incredible £40. Bargain!


Saturday 6th August 2016 - posted by Samuel

We will be holding an interview with independent British distributor Fabulous Films for our readers.

If you have any questions in particular you would like us to ask about past, present and future releases, then e-mail us at using the subject heading FABULOUS.

Questions must be submitted by the 10th August to be considered!

If you need to recap on what they have released so far, simply search for Fabulous Films by distributor using our search bar, where you will also find links to our reviews of their releases!


Thursday 4th August 2016 - posted by Samuel

We are proud to have been given the go ahead to reveal some upcoming releases from Fabulous Films. Although details of the releases are yet unconfirmed, they should all be released by October ready for Christmas! The releases are *drum roll please*:
- The A-Team: The Complete Series
- Knight Rider: The Complete Series
- Miami Vice: The Complete Series
- Magnum P.I.: The Complete Series
- The Incredible Hulk: The Complete Series

Some cracking announcements for fans of retro television!

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