Crazy Samurai Musashi AKA Crazy Samurai 400 v 27/02/21
Mr. Bruce Wins at Cards (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Dick Whittington and His Cat (short) (Blu-ray 26/02/21
Detective's Dog (The) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Sewer (The) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Thief (The) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Strike (The) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Man's a Man (A) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Terrible Lesson (A) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Broken Oaths (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Frozen on Love's Trail (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Parson Sue (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Officer Henderson (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Cousins of Sherlocko (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
His Double (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Comedy of Errors (A) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Starting Something (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Breakdown (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Black Sunday (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Wrong Turn (Blu-ray) 26/02/21


... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 Death AKA ... 4 ... 26/02/21
Rocket Attack U.S.A. 26/02/21
Trapped by Television 26/02/21
Evil AKA Vedma AKA The Power of Fear 26/02/21
Scarlet Sails AKA Alye parusa 26/02/21
Tale of Lost Times (A) AKA Skazka o poteryann 26/02/21
Ruslan and Ludmila AKA Ruslan i Lyudmila 26/02/21
Ilya Muromets AKA The Sword and the Dragon AK 26/02/21
Jeanne Eagels 26/02/21
Middle of the Night 26/02/21
Jacob the Liar AKA Jakob, der Lügner 24/02/21
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 24/02/21
Mathias Sandorf AKA El conde Sandorf AKA Il g 24/02/21
Mysterious Castle in the Carpathians (The) AK 24/02/21
Swamp of the Ravens (The) AKA El pantano de l 24/02/21
Certain Women 24/02/21
Stan & Ollie 24/02/21
Dark Descent AKA Descent Into Darkness 24/02/21
Girls in Uniform AKA Mädchen in Uniform 24/02/21
Plague Town AKA A Slaughter in Plague Town 22/02/21
On the Silver Globe AKA Na srebrnym globie AK 22/02/21
My Nights Are More Beautiful Than Your Days A 22/02/21
Blue Note (The) AKA La note bleue 22/02/21
Happy Family AKA Lõbus perekond 21/02/21
Amazing Stories: Season 2 (TV) 21/02/21
Echo in the Canyon 21/02/21
Dustwalker (The) 21/02/21
Three Identical Strangers 21/02/21
Portugal 21/02/21
White Collar: Season 1 (TV) 20/02/21


Criminal Code (The) (Blu-ray) 27/02/21
Twentieth Century AKA 20th Century (Blu-ray) 27/02/21
Zoolander 2 AKA Zoolander No. 2 (Blu-ray) 27/02/21
Zoolander (Blu-ray) 27/02/21
Great Wall (The) (Blu-ray) 27/02/21
Favourite (The) (Blu-ray) 27/02/21
Dogtooth AKA Kynodontas (Blu-ray) 27/02/21
Jeepers Creepers (Blu-ray) 27/02/21
Graduate (The) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Girl in the Arm-Chair (The) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Making an American Citizen (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Road (The): A Story of Life & Death (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Old Man and His Bed (The) (short) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Bourne Identity (The) (Blu-ray 4K) 26/02/21
Gotham: Season 3 (TV) (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Young Master (The) AKA Shi Di Chu Ma (Blu-ray 26/02/21
Viy AKA Spirit of Evil (Blu-ray) 26/02/21
Dawn of the Dead AKA Zombi AKA Zombies (Blu-r 26/02/21
Dawn of the Dead AKA Zombi AKA Zombies (Blu-r 26/02/21
Bad Samaritan (Blu-ray) 26/02/21


Zoolander 2 AKA Zoolander No. 2 27/02/21
Zoolander 27/02/21
Dogtooth AKA Kynodontas 27/02/21
Hundra 26/02/21
Limey (The) 26/02/21
Coast of Skeletons 26/02/21
Young Master (The) AKA Shi Di Chu Ma 26/02/21
Black Sunday 26/02/21
Father and Son AKA Otets i syn 26/02/21
Tale of Tsar Saltan (The) AKA Skazka o tsare 26/02/21
Viy AKA Spirit of Evil 26/02/21
Pal Joey 26/02/21
Bell, Book and Candle 26/02/21
Picnic 26/02/21
Haunting (The) 25/02/21
Delirium AKA Delirium: Photos of Gioia AKA Le 25/02/21
Laura 25/02/21
Bad Lieutenant 25/02/21
Doc 25/02/21
Brainstorm 25/02/21
Seagull Island AKA Secret of Seagull Island ( 24/02/21
Ardennes (The) AKA D'Ardennen AKA Les Ardenne 24/02/21
Legacy (The): Season 1 AKA Arvingerne (TV) 24/02/21
Legacy (The): Season 2 AKA Arvingerne (TV) 24/02/21
Borgman 24/02/21
Thirsty Dead (The) AKA Blood Hunt 24/02/21
Adam's Rib 24/02/21
Dark Angel: Season 2 (TV) 24/02/21
Dark Angel: Season 1 (TV) 24/02/21
Mephisto 24/02/21



Tuesday 19th January 2021 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Acclaimed actresses Monique van de Ven (Paul Verhoeven's Turkish Delight) and Maria Schneider (Last Tango in Paris) star alongside with Peter Faber (Soldier of Orange) in the groundbreaking film A Woman Like Eve (1979), focused on a married woman’s affair with another woman. Directed by pioneering filmmaker Nouchka van Brakel, the acclaimed A Woman Like Eve was a major hit at LGBT film festivals and was the Dutch entry for Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.

Cult Epics presents A Woman Like Eve for the first time on DVD and Blu-ray in North America in a newly restored High-definition transfer, and with new bonus features including a recent interview with director Nouchka van Brakel.

Special Features:
· New HD Transfer (from original 35mm print)
· Interview with Nouchka van Brakel by journalist Floortje Smit at Eye Filmmuseum in 2020 (40 Mins, HD)
· Theatrical Trailers
· Poster & Photo Gallery

The Blu-ray is currently available for pre-order exclusively from Cult Epics (the first 100 pre-orders come with a reversible sleeve and repro English promo brochure).

The film is also available for pre-order on DVD.


Tuesday 19th January 2021 - posted by James

In addition to having links to Amazon US, UK, France and Germany, Rewind now has links to titles available from Amazon Canada, Italy and Spain! Please note that purchases of titles through our affiliate links will help support our site. We are working to add more affiliate links to our existing pages, and here are some deals at through the following links:

Amazon Canada:
· "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" (Sony) Blu-ray
· "The Jewish Soul: Classics of Yiddish Cinema" (Kino Lorber) Blu-ray
· "Tenet" (Warner Bros.) UHD+Blu-ray
· "Tenet" (Warner Bros.) Blu-ray
· "2012" (Sony) UHD+Blu-ray

Amazon Spain:
· "The New Mutants" (Fox) Blu-ray
· "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" (Sony) Blu-ray
· Fritz Lang's "M" (Divisa) Blu-ray
· "Tenet (Warner Bros.) UHD+Blu-ray
· "Tenet (Warner Bros.) Blu-ray

Amazon Italy:
· "An Italian in America" (Koch Media) UHD+Blu-ray
· "Knives Out" (Eagle Pictures) UHD+Blu-ray
· "Tenet" (Warner Bros.) UHD+Blu-ray
· "Tenet" (Warner Bros.) Blu-ray
· "2012" (Sony) UHD+Blu-ray


Friday 18th December 2020 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Following the worldwide smashes Emmanuelle(1974) and The Story of O (1975), influential French filmmaker Just Jaeckin returned in 1977 with the sensual real-life drama Madame Claude. Starring French New Wave icon Françoise Fabian in the title role along with a sinister Klaus Kinski and the lovely Dayle Haddon, Madame Claude is an incredibly timeless look at one of the most controversial figures in recent French history. Originally released as The French Woman in the United States, Madame Claude is a mesmerizing mixture of elegant eroticism and potent political thriller powered by Jaeckin’s inventive direction and an unforgettable score by legendary French composer Serge Gainsbourg.

Cult Epics is proud to present Madame Claude in a stunning brand new 4k transfer, supervised by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Robert Fraisse, fully loaded with a plethora of new bonus features.

· 4K HD Transfer (from original 35mm negative) supervised by cinematographer Robert Fraisse
· LPCM 2.0 Mono French track
· DTS-HD MA 2.0 Mono French track
· Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono English track
· Audio Commentary by Jeremy Richey, author of the upcoming book "Sylvia Kristel: From Emmanuelle to Chabrol"
· 2020 interview with director Just Jaeckin
· Vintage French Theatrical Trailer
· Promotional Gallery
· Cult Epics Trailers
· Dual-layered Disc
· Double-sided Sleeve (Blu-ray Only)

Available for pre-order now on Blu-ray and DVD.

WEB EXCLUSIVE: The first 300 copies ordered directly from Cult Epics come with a Repro Japanese Promo Booklet.


Monday 9th November 2020 - posted by Ulrich

Launched in November 1999, the site has now been operating for 21 years, and we are still going strong. As ownership has changed, the day-to-day operations has stayed the same.

Thanks to all who continue to contribute to make us a valuable resource.


Monday 13th July 2020 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that we have to inform you our site owner Samuel Scott suddenly passed at the young age of 36. His passing was far too early and he will be missed.

Sam had a profound love for movies and it showed in his collection and his devotion to keeping this website alive. If you've met Sam in person or through this site you would have met a wonderful human. Sam has been a good friend to a lot of us.

As it stands, we will be keeping DVDcompare going, since this is what Sam would have wanted. For the time being, operations as usual.

Rest in peace Sam, you will be missed dearly.


Saturday 20th June 2020 - posted by James

Our latest feature is about famed Japanese comedian and filmmaker "Beat" Takeshi Kitano, written by James-Masaki Ryan, which can be read in full here.

Note that a shortened version of the article is also included in the BFI's upcoming Takeshi Kitano Collection Blu-ray boxset, due June 29th.


Wednesday 27th May 2020 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Welcome to the sixth edition of ‘Triskel Recommends’, a weekly series in which we recommend films available to stream online.

With Triskel Arts Centre unable to screen movies as a collective experience and people staying at home in self-isolation, we’ve decided to highlight quality films which we think our patrons would enjoy.

Each week we mix movies to rent and movies which are free to view, international and national cinema, all kinds of genres (shorts, documentaries, experimental, B-movies, foreign language), and links to streaming sites and content that we will curate ourselves.

This week, we are highlighting Passion (2012), the much-maligned Brian De Palma thriller that received its one and only ever Irish theatrical screening at Triskel Arts Centre back in July 2013. De Palma has always been a decisive figure in American cinema, his overtly stylised and cinematic approach to filmmaking (as well as his depictions of violence and sexuality) has confounded many critics and caused much controversy. With Passion, even his most strident supporters have been divided, but those willing to indulge in the unconventional approach to filmmaking and storytelling may find this to be a hidden gem, an intentionally ripe melodrama reminiscent of classic Hollywood pictures from the 1940s and ’50s filtered through De Palma’s unique approach to the subject matter.

Around the time of the Passion screening at Triskel, Chris O'Neill wrote an essay entitled ‘Passion: A Viewers’ Guide’, which was published in the much-missed Experimental Conversations, an online publication run by Cork Film Centre. I have republished that essay below, but please view the film before reading.

Passion is currently available to view on MUBI UK & Ireland, who have very generously given Triskel Cinema members a free 90-day subscription to their services. Cinema members should check their inboxes for the link to take advantage of this offer. Not already a member? Then sign up here. We’re extending our membership so you’ll now get 15 months for just €15.


Wednesday 27th May 2020 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

Thanks to our friends at Universal Pictures we have one copy of the new 45th Anniversary Limited Edition 4K UHD edition of Jaws to give away.

In order to enter the draw, you need to follow us on Twitter or Facebook and email us at with the subject heading "JAWS45" with your name and mailing address (no P.O. Boxes) for a chance to enter the draw to win. Open to US and Canadian residents only. No DVDcompare staff or family allowed to enter. One entry per person, multiple entries will be deleted. Contest closes on June 8th, 2020.


Monday 18th May 2020 - posted by Eric_Cotenas

The Triskel Arts Centre in association with Watchmaker Films and Louis Black Productions is making available for online streaming THE EARLY FILMS OF TOBE HOOPER, giving an "insight into the earliest work of the legendary horror film director behind such major classics as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) and Poltergeist (1982)" with Hooper's first feature film Eggshells (1971) and two shorts The Heisters (1964) and Down Friday Street (1966) available for the next seven days.

Available worldwide, the €5.00 rental package includes the films and the following bonus material:
- audio commentary on Eggshells with director Tobe Hooper in conversation with restoration co-producer Louis Black
- an audio recording made in 2018 when Mark Rance of Watchmaker Films (the company behind the restoration of Eggshells) took part in a Q&A following the Irish Premiere of the film at Triskel Arts Centre.

Upon placing your order, you will receive an email with a weblink and passwords to access the films. Although this edition of ‘Triskel Recommends’ ends on Sunday May 24th, the seven day rental access will be valid from the day that you make the purchase even if that extends beyond the 24th.

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