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Friday 6th December 2002

Rewind would like to welcome 2 more members to The Rewind Team, bringing our total to 7! Noor Razzak who is a film director from New Zealand. He makes sure the Comparison Database has more R4 comparisons included. He is also on hand in our forums helping visitors with their enquiries under the name "Downunder". Secondly, please welcome Terry Ambler. Terry works on the site part time but might become a full time member in the end. He will be adding new comparisons to the database as well as lurking in the forum as "Terry-UK". You can find out more about our two newest additions to the team by clicking on "about us" in the menu bar above.


Sunday 1st December 2002

...that you can download the entire Rewind Comparison Database as a spreadsheet which you can use whenever you want, whether you're online or not? It is free to use and is part of the Rewind Mobile service. Very handy if you sometimes can't get access to Rewind.

500,000 VISITORS!

Thursday 28th November 2002

Thanks to you, we have reached our half a million visitors milestone! We set ourselves a target of reaching 500,000 unique visitors (i.e. different visitors each day) by the end of 2002. Well, we have now hit that target over a month early. Thanks for all of your support since November 1999 (it is our 3rd birthday this month!) and lets hope it continues!


Sunday 24th November 2002

Rewind would like to welcome Hans Kristian Senneseth to The Rewind Team. Hans joins us direct from Norway which makes him the first non-UK Rewind Team Member! You can find out more about Hans in the About Rewind section in the menu bar above.


Wednesday 20th November 2002

The shops have had their Christmas decorations up for weeks now so we thought we would give Rewind a bit of a festive look about 2 weeks earlier than we normally do! We have a brand new Christmas logo in the top left designed by Rewind Site Manager Adrian Busby. Plus, we have this lovely falling snow effect! Don't worry, the snow only appears on this page!

Over the coming weeks, we will update some of our comparisons so you can see which version of some classic Christmas films you should be buying over this festive period! Stay with Rewind over the Christmas season!


Thursday 14th November 2002

It is now even quicker and easier to access The Rewind Forums! When you click on the "forums" button in the menu bar above, you will be taken directly to The Rewind Forums at dvdbasement.net! No more reading boring information first, it is now straight to the forums!

This decision has been made for 2 reasons. Firstly to enable you to gain access to the forums quicker. Secondly, Rewind is no longer associated with a well known DVD forum provider, who used to be our forums partner. Therefore, we no longer need to link to their site as our relationship has now been terminated.


Wednesday 13th November 2002

It has been brought to our attention that if you are a Registered Member of Rewind via The Rewind Community and have selected the "New Style" option of viewing the comparisons from your preferences section, you may still be seeing NEW comparisons (added within the last few months) appear underneath each other rather than next to each other.

This will only affect you if you access the comparisons via the Recent Additions section. If you access them via the alphabet list, this problem will NOT occur. We are trying to find out the cause of this problem and will correct the fault as soon as possible. However, we no longer have a Technical Advisor on the site, this could take some time so please be patient.


Monday 11th November 2002

The main entrance page to the Rewind comparisons has been improved again. The list of "Recent Additions" now shows completely new titles to the database in purple and updates to existing titles in blue. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to see which titles have been added since you last visited the site.


Saturday 2nd November 2002

Available now exclusive to members of The Rewind Community is The Dungeon. A complete website within Rewind! Dedicated to horror movies, it is the ultimate site for any true horror fan featuring rare and banned films alongside more mainstream hits. The Dungeon can be accessed from the Rewind Community section here. A limited service is available now but more will be added during November and December. The service is free of charge.


Monday 28th October 2002

To complement the main index page of the site, The Rewind Comparison Database now also has a column led entrance page. The left column lists the 40 most recent additions to the database with a running total of the amount of comparisons at the bottom. The middle column has our "DVD of the Week". Finally, the 3rd column will be a mixture of Movie Bloopers and DVD charts. Please let us know what you think.


Thursday 24th October 2002

When you now go to the main page of The Rewind Comparison Database, you will be presented with the 40 most recent additions rather than the previous 20. There will be some more improvements to the system over the coming weeks as well.

To jump to that page now, please click here.


Sunday 20th October 2002

The main entrance to Rewind now has a newly designed front page. With the new layout, we will be able to make more use of the first page people see when they visit the site. On this page you will find the latest DVD and Rewind news headlines, news from the Digital TV world plus some XBox snippets as well. Also, updated on a weekly basis, we will feature some of the newest additions to The Rewind Comparison Database. Thanks to certain members of The DVD Forums for help with the initial column layout.

As you can see, the Rewind News page has also been redesigned to complement the entrance page. You can now see everything on the page a lot easier. We have also removed the adverts from both the main entrance page and the news page. We have no plans to remove advertising from any of the other pages.

Please remember to continue supporting Rewind by clicking on the banners you see around the site and buying items from the companies featured. Without your support, the future of Rewind can not be guaranteed.


Saturday 1st June 2002

As of June 1st 2002, I will be taking a back seat here at Rewind. Since 1999, I have added hundreds of comparisons to the database, wrote features and articles for the rest of the site and obviously the main thing I did was launch the site and turn it into the highly successful site it is today. However from now on, all new comparisons and updates to existing ones will be carried out by other members of the excellent Rewind Team. I will still be around behind the scenes but will not be adding anything new to the site. The site will remain fully operational and continue to be updated with new comparisons on an almost daily basis.

As previously mentioned, Rewind will continue to operate for the rest of 2002 at the absolute minimum. As long as the brilliant Rewind Team Members continue to wish to work on the site, I can't see why it won't be around for much longer than that. I hope you all continue to visit the site and carry on finding it a useful resource.


Tuesday 12th March 2002

The Rewind Community has now officially launched on this Easter Weekend. Previewed a few weeks ago for members of The Rewind Newsletter "DVD Compare" only, the service is now available to all Rewind visitors. The Rewind Community is an extra, premium service that offers additional content and enhanced features for The Rewind Comparison Database. Joining is completely free of charge and only takes about 30 seconds to do!

To sign up, click on "rewind community" in the Rewind Menu above and follow the on-screen prompts. From Bank Holiday Monday, there will be a help guide online which will allow you to use The Rewind Community to its fullest. More features and enhancements will be added to The Rewind Community throughout the year.


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